Women only – but for how long?

“Women only”

That should be such a final and simple statement. It should mean: only females are allowed access here. It should mean: women, you are safe here. It should mean: no, men, you are not welcome.

But the consultation on the Gender Identity Bill in the autumn proposes to change all this.

If this legislation happens, then anyone, of either sex, will have an open invitation to enter those safe spaces.

women only - boundaries, say no - FairPlayForWomen.comThink about it.

The legislation proposes that men will be able to say they are women and enter those spaces. It aims to remove the hassle for trans-identifying men, because heaven forbid they should have to show any commitment to their feelings of womanhood before diving in with their size 12s.

It aims, in effect, to take away women’s right to say ‘No, men, you cannot enter this space’. It takes away our right to consent.

Think about it.

The arguments have been raging online, with vitriol and hatred on both sides. There are screams of “transphobia” and denials of the existence of transgender as a thing. There is silencing.

There is an assumption that women should move over, that they should be the ones to flex and allow and permit. Hell, there’s an expectation that we should throw ourselves prettily and quietly under the bus, all the while being thankful that society is so progressive.

Thank you, liberal bus, you ran over my biological sex with a man’s feelings.

Think about it.

Women are allowed, they are loud, they have a right to say no:

We do not consent to this legislation.

We do not consent to the invasion of our spaces.

We do not consent to the forced redraft of our sex.


women only - stop, no entry


Adult human female standing up for fairness

2 comments on “Women only – but for how long?

  • 30th July 2017 at 14:06

    Male here, and I always have been.

    I DO NOT want to enter a female changing room, public loo, hospital ward except as a visitor. I know I am not going to attack a woman but the women there do not know that and should not be expected to accept the risk.

    (If I still had a child in nappies I would be very unhappy if the only place in the shopping centre or bus station or wherever where I could change him and give him his bottle was also the only place where you could breast-feed in privacy and comfort; it happened a few times but my son has turned 30 and I hope it would not happen now).

    And as a matter of fact I DO NOT want an adult woman in my changing room – she is highly unlikely to attack me but her presence is an assault on my dignity and privacy.

    None of this is rocket science and it is absurd that anybody, female or male, has even to say it. Good luck ikn the campaign. MP (a sensible enough bloke) duly emailed.

    • 30th July 2017 at 14:24

      Thanks for emailing your MP! I’m going to keep informing mine – he’s a government mouthpiece, but I suspect his constituents would rather he protested.


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