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A Woman’s Place:

Write to your MP


We want you to write to your MP about our campaign but we know mass, centrally- generated emails are often ignored or dismissed.

So we are asking you to write a personal letter to your MP with our five demands:

1.  Respectful and evidence based discussion about the impact of the proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act to be allowed to take place and for women’s voices to be heard;

2.  The principle of women only spaces to be upheld – and where necessary extended.

3.  A review of how the exemptions in the Equality Act which allow for single sex services or requirements that only a woman can apply for a job (such as in a domestic violence refuge) are being applied in practice;

4.  Government to consult with women’s organisations on how self-declaration would impact on women only services and spaces;

5.  Government to consult on how self-declaration will impact upon data gathering – such as crime, employment, pay, and health statistics – and monitoring of sex-based discrimination such as the gender pay gap.


The personal is political

6.  Then we want you to add a story from your personal experience that illustrates why you are calling for these commitments. Or you could just explain why one of those demands matters to you.


Getting a response

You can send it via email but you could also post a letter or send a card. Anything that will get our message noticed. You could tweet your MP politely and let them know a letter is on its way.


Share your example with us

Send a copy to us at AWomansPlaceUK@gmail.com

Tweet us on @Womans_Place_UK

Share on our Woman’s Place UK Facebook page

When you get a reply, share that too!

If you are not happy with the reply, write back challenging what has been said.


Losing these rights will affect all women.

Let’s make the personal political.

If you want more detail, look at our launch statement.


Contact Your Politician
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A Woman’s Place: Write to your MP - FairPlayForWomen.com

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2 comments on “A Woman’s Place UK: call to action

  • 28th September 2017 at 10:06

    I have emailed my MP numerous times with this…he has never replied.
    SNP male and religious and utterly useless.


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