I am Woman – One woman’s poem for her female body

I am woman; hear me roar,

As I bow my respect to the fight,

Of those who went before,

Whose lives were given to my right.

The mothers, grandmothers, sisters all,

Who forged a way, set me afloat,

So that I may now stand tall,

Work, love, live, own, vote.


I am woman; hear me roar,

Of days of blood, my monthly due,

Of pain and shame for girls in store,

Of cramps and curse each moon anew.

Strength in blood; take back your shame!

Blood is life, blood is power,

I will deny you that game:

Natural, my monthly shower.


I am woman; hear me roar,

Through aches and nausea and love,

In my womb I proudly bore,

New life; a baby. Fly free, my dove.

Through my vagina, muscle canal so strong,

I spurred her out in labour of sweat,

Into the world where we belong,

Even though my health was under threat.


I am woman; hear me roar,

I nourished my child from my breast,

My own body gave so much more,

To feed, to comfort, to put to rest.

I was there when she awoke,

Mine the hand that guided,

Mine the voice she heard spoke,

Mine the time that was provided.


I am woman; hear me roar,

My hair is shot with grey,

Must be dyed; unwritten law,

These wrinkles are here to stay.

My blood comes no longer,

I am hot, I am cold, my head is afire,

My daughter now is stronger,

I look to her to inspire.


I am woman; hear me roar,

This is our reality, this is our strife,

Roar with me, let our voices soar,

This is our biology, this is our life.

Stand with us, with us to fight,

We are women; hear our cry,

This is Woman, this is our light,

All else is a lie.


By Millie Slavidou

Featured images:
From Kate Hansen’s Madonna & Child project
(left) Krista & Colum
(right) Dina & Sawyer

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