URGENT – last chance to oppose GRA reform in Scotland. 5pm Thursday



Hello. I’m Nic Williams from Fair Play For Women here to remind you that we only have 2 days left to fill in the Scottish Consultation Questionnaire to voice our opposition to changes to legal gender recognition.

We have until 5pm on Thursday this week.

You don’t have to be Scottish to fill it in. This could effect everyone in the UK. Anyone from anywhere in the world is allowed to submit their views.

If someone changes their legal sex status in Scotland it is likely this will be recognised throughout the UK and other countries.

Also, the UK government will be watching the outcome of the Scottish consultation. If they don’t see significant opposition they will be more likely to roll this out through the whole of the UK.

So please fill it in. This is our chance to speak up and we must.

To help you fill in the questionnaire I have written a step-by-step guidance document covering all the issues relevant for each of the of the proposed changes here.

If you don’t have time to read it I also have a single page fact-sheet setting out the key facts here

If you only have 10 mins to spare just focus on 1 or 2 issues and register your opposition.

One of the possibilities is that children as young as 12 might be able to legally change their birth certificate without parental consent.

This means children might be changing legal sex before they have even experienced puberty when we know most gender issues resolve naturaly.

There is no need for this law to extend to children. Children must not be used to validate the trans-ideology of behalf of adults.

Another proposal is to make the process of changing legal sex on a birth certificate no more than an administrative process and signing a form.

Yes this makes life easier for trans people but the existing checks are there for a reason. It’s normal practice for people to supply proof if they want to be given something from society.

People who need disability benefits have to prove they are disabled. People who need unemployment support have to prove they are not working. Why should it be different for transgender people?

I support transgender rights but not special rights that no one else has and will harm others.

What the trans community is asking for will mean ANYONE will be able to change their birth certificate. Any man in Scotland will be able to change his legal sex to female whether he’s transgender or not.

This will cause major problems in prison.

Any male prisoner will be able to sign a form and become legally female and then be entitled to live with women prisoners in a women’s prison. This will set up the ridiculous situation where men convicted of sexual or violent crimes against women (still with their penis) will be able to live with some of the most abused and vulnerable women in the country.

It’s not enough for the prisons to say we’ll have risk assessment in place. There have already been examples of male-born prisoners being allowed into women’s prisons and then assaulting the women there. This is not being taken seriously enough and not even mentioned as a risk in the consultation document.

It’s glaringly obvious that this is bad law.

Opposing these changes does not mean you are against transgender rights. Everyone has the right to live safely and free from discrimination. Transgender people have these protections enshrined in the equality Act and hate-crime legislation. They can also change the sex on their birth certificate by proving they really are transgender. The extra rights they are now asking for go too far and is not considering the impact on others.

We have a right to say no for us and for our children.

So please fill it in now. The link to the consultation is here

Don’t leave this up to Scottish women. Don’t let them divide our voice.

This is our opportunity to speak. Don’t waste it.