UK Equality Law and women’s rights factsheet

Women: know your rights so you can start defending them!

We recently published a post covering all aspects of UK Equality Law that relate to the rights of women. To accompany the comprehensive guide we have now made a useful factsheet.

Please share widely on-line. Print it out and give it to your friends:

FACTSHEET 1: A guide to the UK Equality law and a woman’s right to single-sex spaces and services

RGB full colour version for web, email and home printing

Black and white version for cheaper printing and photocopying

CMYK full colour, high-quality version with 3mm bleed for professional printing


FACTSHEET 2: Guide to a women’s legal right to seek refuge in a space ‘for women run by women’

FACTSHEET 3: Guide to the Scottish consultation on legal gender recognition


For more information about the history of Equality legislation in the UK and the Gender Recognition Act take a look at these other useful guides:








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