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Transgender violence is something that people feel they mustn’t discuss. We’ve been thinking about why.

We have commented that male violence tends to be hidden, both in real life and by our media. Men commit 88% of violent offences and 94% of murders but their crimes are reported as one-offs; random events driven by a man who was very upset about something.

The implication – that men just can’t help themselves if they’re upset – paints the entire male sex as extremely stupid, emotionally incontinent and untrustworthy.

With this in mind, it’s pretty strange that we let such unstable people have all the power and the money. Or maybe not: it tells us what they might do if we don’t give them everything they want. We’re occasionally reminded that men respond aggressively to having their masculinity questioned, that male gender norms make them violent towards women, and that they enforce male norms by attacking gay men.

Feminists see all this as part of an informal – but very powerful – system.

Male and female, we’re all shown in countless ways that Men Are Dangerous If Crossed. It doesn’t matter if you grew up in the most peacefully egalitarian household possible and have gone on to live as your parents taught you, you’ll still receive the message loud and clear. It’s in your nursery rhymes & library books, in the songs you hear, the films you watch, on TV, in advertisements and even played out in front of you at times. Not only does everyone know men are hugely more violent than women – everyone also knows we don’t talk about it. If you try to open the subject, it won’t be a flap of a bird’s wing before someone comes along to shout you down with “Men are victims too!” and, no doubt, “Women are just as bad!”

Well, women aren’t as bad. A woman kills once for every 9 times a man does it. Women’s crimes are fraud and theft, not assault, burglary, robbery and rape. Men regularly murder their wives and children; women don’t.

The rise of transgender violence has proved an absolute gift to this rule of silence.

All the characters on this page are male – we haven’t been able to find any trans-identified females committing anything worse than the typically female crimes of fraud & theft.

Their crimes are reported, in line with political correctness and the law, as committed by women.

This provides evidence for the false claim that “women do it too.”

If women are just as bad, then it’s not a problem with masculinity, is it?! Where there is evidence, professional studies indicate that transitioning does nothing to alter male-pattern violence. But it suits the patriarchal narrative to pretend that women are becoming more violent – while simultaneously swinging the courts’ opinions in favour of parole for these men. Courts know women are non-violent compared to men, and they haven’t yet learned that a trans-identified male is not a woman.

Then another couple of factors come into play:

Transgender violence is denied

The transgender community says “This Never Happens“, claiming the perpetrator wasn’t “really” transgender even when that person was a trans activist, and ignoring their own campaigns for the release of various prisoners whose revolting crimes have been supposedly wiped out by their change of gender. (This is a successful strategy on the whole.)

Then the silence falls. The usual interviews with neighbours and surviving victims fail to appear in the press. There are no follow-up stories. You have to submit a FOI request if you want to know whether the trans criminal’s in a women’s prison. There’s just nothing.

With that, here’s a non-exhaustive rogues’ gallery commemorating transgender violence. Thanks to @StopLesbophobia for the tweets. 

Christopher Hanbrook / Jessica Hanbrook

Albert Allen Brown / Aliea Rose Brown

Dana Contreras / Dana McCallum

Colleen Francis

Francis claimed unfair discrimination because teenage girls didn’t want him and his penis in their changing rooms, comparing them to white race segregationists in old Alabama.

The girls moved to a smaller changing area.

David Ayrton / Davina Ayrton

Cherno Biko

Christopher Hunnisett

David McGarry / Sandra Jo Batista

Dennis Wayne Woolbert / Allison Woolbert

Derek Lulu Sinden / Thalia Sinden

Dillon Andrew Shadle / Riley Nicole Shadle

Douglas Perry / Donna Perry

Frank Maloney / Kellie Maloney

Maloney has several times appeared on the BBC, advocating for self-identification laws and generally being a minor celebrity.

Geoffrey Ian Websdale / Michelle Websdale

James Joseph Allard / Jennifer Katherine Allard

James Lilly

James Wolfe / Jessica Elaine Wolfe

Jasmine Hill

Jeffery Todd McEleveen

Jonathan Adrian Wolf / Johanna Adrianna Wolf

Joseph David Fialkowski / Julianna Tourmaline Fialkowski

This never happens?

Gavin Brannen / Katie Brannen

Daily Mail: Misgender Madness by Rachel Johnson

Male-pattern violence

Karl Amati / Evie Amati

transgender violence

Lauren Jeska

transgender violence

Craig Hauxwell / Lisa Hauxwell /Lisa Lacey

This led to weird-sounding police appeals for an escaped female prisoner with a history of extremely violent sexual assaults.

I cannot imagine being instructed by a court to call your rapist “she”.

transgender violence

Peter Laing / Paris Green

Bane of the Scottish prison service. We don’t know whether his unstoppable “romps” with fellow prisoners were consensual. The majority of women prisoners have been involved with abusive men – it’s probably quite easy for a violent male to intimidate them, which negates consent but is often overlooked by the victims.

transgender violence

Kyle Woods / Kayleigh Woods

This horrible murder appeared to be a fantasy played out by the two young men. Woods was universally reported as a woman.

transgender violence

Martin Ponting / Jessica Winfield

The British court system is remarkably keen to accept that a taxpayer-funded ‘sex change’ magically removes all misogyny & violent tendencies from the most dangerous of males.

Male violence, Rogues Gallery, Fair Play For Women

Raymond Aaron David Hudson / Tara Hudson / Tia Star

We have a post about him here.

transgender violence

David Warfield / Dana Rivers

Silence from the Californian lesbian community, who would be all over this atrocity if the murderer had been openly male.

Dana Rivers in Transgender Violence

Randy Stair / Andrew Blaze

Shot 3 people dead, then killed himself.

Sam Reitger reports: “Liberal Silence on Transgender Violence“.

Randy Stair in Transgender Violence



Women’s rights & freedoms are facing the most intense assault in over a century. Female people deserve safety, dignity and respect! Women & girls, fight now for your independence!

We’re proud to be female. It’s still a man’s world: sometimes we need protections from sex discrimination, sex crimes, and sexism. But we can only fight for recognition if we can define ‘woman’ and ‘girl’. We are not male. Woman means something, let’s keep it that way :)

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