Transactivist violence at Speaker’s Corner, London

You may have seen news reports of the transactivist violence against a group of middle-aged feminists last Wednesday, 13th September 2017. Some Fair Play Women had organised a debate on the topic What Is Gender? at London’s New Cross Learning centre. [Skip to video analysis]


Two speakers from Stonewall UK were scheduled to face a gender-critical transgender author and a feminist academic: Bex Stinson & colleague against Miranda Yardley & Dr Julia Long.


A few days before the event, both Stonewall representatives pulled out citing ‘personal reasons’. Yardley and Long appealed for pro-trans speakers – including direct requests to high profile London pro-trans activists – but all refused the challenge. These activists did, however, threaten the Lewisham centre with disruption should the meeting go ahead. On Tuesday evening the venue cancelled.


Amazingly, the organiser found an alternative venue in the West End. As it was now clear the new place would be subject to intimidation, the address was kept secret. Delegates agreed to meet at Speaker’s Corner – a symbol of free speech – and proceed from there.

As predicted, trans activists attempted to find & threaten the venue:


About 60 women turned up, some with family members. For most, it was the first time meeting face to face so there was much excited chat. Chanting “When TERFS attack, we fight back”, a colourful – and distinctly younger – band of transgender people and their supporters waved anti-TERF banners at the women and milled around. There was some dialogue between the two groups but more yelling by the protesters at the women. People on both sides videoed each other – as we do in 2017.


The Sun got this wrong, so here’s a quick de-obfuscation.

What are transactivists?

Campaigners to change the legal definition of male & female. Transgender equality now means full acceptance that male & female refer to personal identity rather than biological sex. Hence “some women have penises” and so on.

What are TERFs?

People who see male & female as biological categories, referring to reproductive potential. Men have testes, women have ovaries – fully developed or not, working or not: no man has ova and no woman produces sperm.

The implications of transgender equality are most severe for women and children. When ‘woman’ means everyone who says they’re a woman, the word loses its meaning. Sex-based equality disappears as does privacy. Children are already being pushed towards chemical sterilisation if they seem reluctant to fit into gender stereotypes, and this could become legally mandated.

Radical feminists and lesbians saw this coming some years back. Trans advocates then coined the acronym TERF, for Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist. Now TERF applies to anyone questioning trans dogma, even if they themselves are transgender. Some transactivists use it to describe any physical woman. They use it as an insult.

Why the confrontation?

Remember the women were not there for a public demonstration: they were simply meeting up to discuss a seismic change in the law. Only the trans activists were looking for a confrontation, having forced the change of venue and pursued the group. They’d been invited to speak at the debate but preferred a public skirmish instead. “Never debate” is transactivist policy, as stated on some of the banners seen here. We are required not to discuss, but to accept.

Who beat up a granny?

At least four of the transactivists assaulted Maria MacLachlan, who isn’t ‘elderly’ at 60 but is more than twice their age. She was trying to talk to some protestors on camera when they attacked her. Magdalen Berns explains here:

The victim:

They probably targeted Maria for no better reason than that she was in a good position to be surrounded.

The attack:

The transactivists’ violence begins while Maria walks forward to try and interview. Protesters close in. It looks like someone grabs then pushes her – her head flies back. By the time the person with the green rucksack passes in front, Maria’s off-balance when a second transgender activist runs to grab her camera. It was attached to her wrist, causing a scuffle that quickly escalated into a pile-on.

It didn’t get any prettier. Transactivists surrounded Maria, strangled her, punched her to the ground and kicked her. She fought back but, of course, stood no chance and her camera was smashed.

Three of the most noticeable assailants – seem very experienced at this sort of thing, clearly working as a team.  Thief concealed her/his face the whole time, until Maria pulled off their hood giving police a decent chance of identifying the muggers.

Several of the meeting attendees had arrived with an open mind, unsure whether our fears about the transgender movement were justified. If nothing else, this display of unwarranted aggression – from sabotaging the meeting to assaulting a random feminist – provided ample proof that we’re not exaggerating. With astonishing force, this movement has silenced debate & discussion across the world. It is more than willing to inflict harm for its weird agenda.

They’re winning by stealth & intimidation. Please tell everyone to speak up!

Ask questions. Like: “Why won’t you let anyone have an opinion you don’t agree with?” and “If words that upset you are literally violent, why do you spam women with words threatening real, revolting violence?” Or even: “Are you quite sure you know how human reproduction works?” (OK, maybe leave that one to somebody else)

Real threats of revolting violence

These are just some of the messages sent to women – and to men, and trans people – by transgender ‘women’ and ‘girls’.


Don’t let transactivist violence silence you.

It hasn’t silenced us!

And it won’t. We are stronger together, and louder … there are more of us every day.

Janice Turner in The Times (paywall but you can sign up for free)

Christina Patterson on Sky:

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Read Miranda’s key points here

What have feminists or ‘terfs’ done to trans people?

We’ve said:

We say penises & testicles aren’t female, wombs are.

We’ve said it’s not safe to have male people in places where we keep them out (for safety & privacy)

We’ve said it’s not fair to have male people competing as sportswomen, against women.

We know transgender people do suffer:

  • Prejudice in some social situations
  • Prejudice when looking for work
  • Violence when working as prostitutes
  • Misunderstandings.

Women suffer these things, too, we’re pretty sympathetic.

Woman-hating messages from trans-identified males

We’ve not heard about a single case of women being violent to trans people

And we’re pretty darn sure we would have if it happened! What’s more, cases of male violence against trans people are dramatically over-stated. In the UK there have been no attacks on trans women using the men’s loos.

Speaking the truth about biological reality isn’t violence. Having a female body isn’t violence. It isn’t violent to ask for penises to be kept out of girls’ and women’s private spaces.

Those facts & opinions are the sum total of all our “violence”

Do women deserve to be beaten up, stalked, threatened with rape & murder for having a viewpoint?

You decide.


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