This Never Happens (Facebook group)

Snapshot of the top posts from the Facebook group, This Never Happens.  It’s run as a public service by members who are concerned about repeated insistence that transgendered people are “never” violent and couldn’t possibly pose any threat to women.

In fact, rather a high proportion of such people – mainly trans-identifying males (transwomen) – seem distressed, belligerent and dangerous.

This Never Happens is not comprehensive, but it serves a purpose. Click links to visit the group page.

This Never Happens

This Never Happens is an archive for articles related to violent and sexual crimes committed by males who are posing as or claiming to be women. It is not a discussion group. Members may post articles, links, and brief fact-based descriptions of the incident. It is intended for public viewing and to be a resource to show people who tell women that this never happens.
Adelaide Ciao
Adelaide Ciao16 hours ago
Monika Beatty
Monika Beatty13 hours ago
Stephanie Farr
Stephanie Farr12 hours ago
I think this is a tipping point. And I think this doctor plays fast and loose with the truth but is very persuasive.

What do you think?
Stephanie Farr
Pentagon pays for transgender surgery
The Pentagon paid for a transgender US soldier's vaginoplasty after President Trump's ban on transgender service members. Dr. Christine McGinn, the surgeon w...
Lasqueti Scott
Lasqueti Scott1 day ago
Is this relevant? "Self-identified" as a 3 year old. Whether it's transsexual, transabled, transracial, or trans whatever, "self-identification" is at the root of trans "logic".

Sonia Ess
Sonia Ess13 hours ago
Look at this!!!!!!
Adelaide Ciao
Adelaide Ciao13 hours ago


this probably means several of us worked together on the post

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