Scottish consultation on GRA reform: 2/3rds support self-ID

The results of the Scottish consultation have now been published. There was a very high number of responses with submission by over 15,000 members of the public (49% Scottish, 38% England, Wales, NI and 13% non-UK).














Despite almost no media attention and extremely low public awareness of the consultation in Scotland over 5000 responses were against sex self-ID. This represented one third of all responses.

However, the majority of responses supported the changed proposed by the Scottish government.

Two thirds of the respondents supported sex-self ID.

A similar majority also supported reducing the age down to 16 years and below.

Sex-self ID was also supported for non-binary people.














The UK government is currently consulting the public on GRA reform. If you disagree that any man should be able to sign a form and obtain a female birth certificate, with no requirement for a doctors diagnosis and no changes to his body, you have until the 19th October to say no.

Make sure the UK consultation reflects the public’s views, and not the views promoted by a small but powerful transgender lobby.

Please fill in the UK consultation today.


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One thought on “Scottish consultation on GRA reform: 2/3rds support self-ID

  • 2018.11.06 at 16:38

    Yet another dishonest governmental process! Luckily some of us did hear last weeks but it was a near closed bubble of government funded organisations supporting trans, … and other organisations did not contact members. This last included organisations I was/am a member of …they did not care for the ‘bigoted’ opinions of members they are so much more ‘progressive, gay supporting, on the right side of history’ than membership. Awful!
    Would have appreciated more analysis and discussion on the results. Highlight:( the number of no doubt LGBTQ+ orgs supporting lowering age or no age constraint whatsoever. Actually sickening, suspect and sickeningly callous.


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