The Science and Statistics behind the transgender debate

Fair Play For Women has written a number of articles reviewing some of the Science and Statistics behind the transgender debate. They can all be found here. If there are any other facts you’d like to see us cover please email us with your suggestions at [email protected]


Annual transgender prisoner numbers and location: 2018 analysis.

The results of the Populus On-line survey following the UK Gender Recognition Act Consultation.

The vast majority of male-born transwomen still have a penis

How many transgender people in the UK have been murdered?

Only 18% of UK support unregulated sex self-ID.

How many transgender suicides have there been in prison?

It is true that half of all trans young have attempted suicide? 

Young vs Old: The generational divide in the transgender community

National LGBT survey tells us nothing about women’s views on GRA reform but the government still quotes findings as evidence of lack of opposition.

Government figures back Fair Play’s report on transgender offenders

Girlguiding: We need you to believe in facts not fairytales – facts on child on child sexual abuse.

Study suggests that transwomen retain a male pattern of criminality

Sex self-ID and what it means for privacy, safety and fairness for women.



Do transwomen really have a female brain in a male body?

The evidence to show most children grow out of their gender confusion.

Gender non-conforming children – most grow up to be lesbian or gay

The risks of giving children puberty blockers

What is the impact on children of socially transitioning

Sex hormones and gender surgeries

Review of study that reports trans-identified male has breast fed a baby

Chromosomes, biological sex and gender

Biological sex differences: bones & muscles

One thought on “The Science and Statistics behind the transgender debate

  • 2018.07.19 at 15:07

    I’m referring to homosexual men. Take all the bodily systems. Respiratory and circulation.
    **Alimentary. Take the ones that are asterixed , Should the anatomy and physiology of them be
    reconfigured ?
    A person can physically change their sex but the xx and xy chromosomes remain unless there’s a physical situation at birth as in hermaphroditism. The more homosexuality is publicised , the more persons take that route.
    M o Sullivan, Cork


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