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The Government is consulting on how to make it easier for transgender people to change the sex written on their birth certificate. This impacts women too but so far our voices have been silenced or ignored.

Stonewall and others say trans people should not have to provide any evidence of being transgender. No medical checks, no surgery, no waiting. They want a SEX-SELF-ID system where anyone can just sign a form to change their legal sex.

This is bad law. No checks mean ANY MAN, transgender or not, will be able to just sign a form and then be FEMALE in the eyes of the law.

Listen to our 20 minute podcast explaining why Sex Self-ID would take away rights from women.

Why Sex Self-ID is a bad idea


This is bad for women. Men will get easy access to women’s rights and women only spaces.

  • It means male-born prisoners, with a fully male anatomy, will be eligible to live in women’s prisons.
  • It means women-only refuges & rape-crisis centres will find it difficult to say NO to males who want to enter.
  • It means ‘women-only’ will mean anyone who says they are a woman, from changing rooms to playing sports.
  • It means when you ask for a female doctor or carer for yourself or your elderly parent they might have a male body.

This is already happening. Companies are running ahead of the law and implementing SEX-SELF-ID policies already. Changing the law will cement these policies in place forever.

Transgender people already have the right to live as the gender they please. They can already change the sex on their passport and driving licence. They are rightly protected in law from discrimination and hate crime for being transgender. They are now demanding to have the rights of women too.

Women can and must say NO. When a man can be a woman, just on his say so, the word woman becomes meaningless and so do women’s rights.

That’s why we need you to come out in support, get your friends, family and networks involved, and show that people across Britain support women’s rights to privacy, dignity and fairness. Everyone who cares about this must fill in the consultation before 19th October.

Read our guidance to help you fill in the consultation:

Our guide to the consultation


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Why does a consultation matter?

A consultation is a process for the Government to gather public feedback on proposed changes to the law.

The Government outlines the changes they propose and ask questions to help structure the feedback

On 3 July 2018, the Government launched a public consultation on reform of the Gender Recognition Act (2004). It ends on 19th October.

Consultations give the people who know best – you! – the chance to influence policy before government and MP decide what to do. This is our only chance to give our views.

When all the evidence has been gathered, the Government usually issues a response. They say how they’ve taken what’s been said in the responses into account, and what their next steps are going to be and whether they will be introducing a new bill for MPs to debate in parliament.

Thousands of people responded to Scotland’s consultation on the Gender Recognition Act. We expect the same in England and Wales.

Opposing voices will be loud, spreading myths and misinformation. We need to make sure the voices calling for women’s rights to be protected are heard.

Our guide to the consultation

Do the consultation here



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