Fair Play For Women film and report: Women need male-free spaces to recover from male violence.

Read our groundbreaking report featuring first-hand interviews with managers and users of female-only services.



A woman’s trauma response doesn’t care how someone identifies. A woman who has had a male towering over and threatening her, been battered by a male fist, been throttled by a male grip or humiliated by a male voice, knows exactly who is male and who is female. Her survival depends on it.

Being able to speak the truth, name her experience and trust her instincts is integral to her recovery. Access to male-free services is essential for women’s recovery and their physical and mental health.

The Government is considering whether it should expand the terms of the Gender Recognition Act in ways that would allow any male who says he feels he is a woman to gain a female birth certificate on demand, with knock-on consequences for female-only services. Fair Play For Women says NO to sex self-ID. 




We have published our own original research revealing that women who run and use refuges and shelters are deeply worried that laws meant to help transgender people will make it easier for abusive men to enter shelters.

Click HERE to download a copy of the report for FREE.

Alternatively you can order a PRINTED copy to send to your MP HERE.




The full report explores in more detail the importance of single sex services in the domestic and sexual violence sector as a whole, the threats posed to them by Self-ID policies and laws, and the devastating effects these would have on the women and children who rely on them.











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