Petition banned by 38 degrees – sex change protest

This is the second time Fair Play For Women has seen our petition banned. We mounted a Parliamentary petition to request legal definition of the words man and woman. It was rejected on grounds that it wasn’t clear what we wanted! While this looked like a strange response, we now realise it might have interfered with the UK government’s determination to obliterate human sex categories.

We put a petition on 38 degrees asking the government to reconsider the implications of this policy development. This morning, 38 degrees took it down.

Lots of people had signed it, with reasonable commentary – thank you, everyone.

We think we are sane, articulate women. We’ve never incited harm or intolerance towards trans people; we merely ask for women’s health & safety to be considered along with improved trans rights. See for yourself:

Petition banned by 38 degrees - sex change protest 'inappropriate' -
Our petition against instant sex change law: banned by 38 degrees

According to 38 degrees it is ‘inappropriate’ to speak up for the rights of women to equal opportunities, privacy, and even a name for our distinct physiology.

Their response in full:

I’m afraid your petition is inappropriate for this website. The 38 Degrees team have reviewed the petition and whilst we absolutely understand the need to create safe spaces for all genders, we believe that this petition plays a lot on fear and discriminates against trans women and therefore breaks our terms and conditions.

Obviously we all hope that the government give full consideration to any new laws brought in, but we believe this petition attempts to play off the rights of one vulnerable minority group against the rights of another group. As such we are not happy to host this petition.

38 Degrees is independent of all political parties, and upholds values of freedom, democracy, peace, human rights, community, equality, fairness and sustainability. We reserve the right to remove any campaigns or comments that do not share these principles. We reserve the right to remove any petition which we judge to promote illegal acts, hatred, violence, discrimination or stereotypes based on race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, disability, nationality or religion. 

I don’t know about you, but I feel like we’ve already lost the right to name ourselves and talk about what makes 51% of the population different from the other 49%.

But FPFW will not give up!


petition banned by 38 degrees - sex change law UK -
38 Degrees: Silencing Women

“People. Power. Change. But not if you’re female, you can shut the hell up.”

We made a petition to protest about the banning!

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6 comments on “Petition banned by 38 degrees – sex change protest

  • 2017.07.24 at 16:44

    Thank you so much for persisting – this is more important than ever now.

  • 2017.07.24 at 18:52

    ‘we believe this petition attempts to play off the rights of one vulnerable minority group against the rights of another group.’ Obviously the women-hating males demanding their male sex right to magically morph into females are not ‘a vulnerable minority group’ rather they are very very powerful and continue to successfully promote their male myths that males can morph into females!

    As usual it is all about the boys flexing their muscles and ensuring whatever males claim it is apparently mens’ definitive truths! Say goodbye to us women because we very shortly won’t exist in mens’ laws – not that we ever did really exist under men’s male supremacist system. The boys merely tolerated us because our labour was useful to them!

    This is naked real male political power in action.

  • 2017.07.24 at 19:31

    This is too much. I’m perfectly happy for gender protections for all trans folk. But not if they are conflated with sex protections because this erases sex protections.

  • 2017.07.24 at 23:38

    Shocking hypocrisy from this so called ‘ independent’ petitioning organisation . Giving voice to women’s concerns should gain their support. It seems trans-acts voices are overtly more important than women/girls who are expected to move over to accommodate a situation that causes us grave concern.
    Don’t know one ask me to support 38 degrees again!

  • 2017.09.06 at 12:18
    Permalink is owned by George Soros who funds these organizations.
    Please read all of his books about his open government- his intent is scary and his ngo’s are powerful.
    You need to create a petition on the UK government website.

  • 2017.10.22 at 22:15

    Thank you for persisting.

    I have stopped my monthly payment of £8 to 38Degrees until they apologize and reinstate your petition.
    What about or SumofUs? There are a number of intelligent academics voicing dissent: Dr Richard B Corradi, a professor of psychiatry at Case Western University Medical School ( and Dr Jordan Peterson (a Canadian – Canada has passed the ludicrous Canadian Bill C-16, which is now law).


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