Our History

Fair Play For Women began in 2017 as a small, informal women’s discussion group concerned about the impact of transgender policy on the participation of women and girls in sport, with a diverse membership of women from all walks of life. As time went on, the discussion topics expanded to include the many different ways women and girls were getting forgotten when new policies were being created for trans-inclusion. Soon a informal blogging website site was created to be a open public platform for anyone to contribute their opinions and concerns, looking at a range of issues from various perspectives.

Having previously submitted an article to the blogging website in October 2017, in January 2018 Dr Nicola Williams became our director and official campaign spokeswoman and the current incarnation of Fair Play For Women was born.

Under this new direction, Fair Play For Women has now emerged into the national stage as a trusted and influential campaign group, that’s built a national network of supporters, and has, at it’s heart, a team of experts in science and law.

While Fair Play For Women has grown significantly since its informal beginnings, we a still a grassroots organisation funded entirely from small donations from the public and the hard work of volunteers. We have no political, ideological, or religious affiliation, instead we are all united by the common aim of defending the existing sex-based rights of women and girls.




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