What is the experience of growing up as a female in a sexist society and why does it matter?

Like it or not, the experience of physical violence and sexual abuse IS very different between males and females. Males are overwhelmingly the perpetrators. It’s a fact. Not every male, but even if we have not experienced it directly we all know what it’s like to grow up aware of the power imbalance.

This is why women have a lot at stake in the transgender debate, more so than men. This is why it’s overwhelmingly women with concerns rather than men. Female-only spaces are important for women’s privacy, dignity and safety.

When someone born male identifies as a women it’s going to matter to other women. Society is asking women to accept someone who was (and perhaps still is) a member of their oppressor class into their spaces, along with their physical size and their experiences of male privilege and power. We are being asked to give males access to the rights that women fought hard to obtain from males. We are being told that a male can be a female because he says so. We are stakeholders in this debate. Of course we must be considered and listened to.

The mantra that ‘transwomen are women’ does not actually change a women’s reality and her sensitivity to the male presence – it merely acts to gaslight and coerce her into agreement. A women’s reality matters. Her biology matters. It’s the reason sexism exists.

The following articles have been selected to highlight how very different the female experience really is.