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The issue is male violence, not “violence in general”. Women aren’t violent like men are. We have less violence here in the UK than some other countries, but this doesn’t mean we should accept male abuse of British women. Men commit 88% of violent offences.

FPFW‘s Rogues Gallery will be an occasional series. Lest we forget.

Anthony Roberts, male violence - Fair Play For Women
Anthony Roberts, London. Violently raped an 81-year-old woman.

Roberts followed the elderly lady off the bus and dragged her out of sight. She needed hospital treatment for injuries resulting from his attack. He pleaded guilty to one count of kidnap and two counts of rape. Evening Standard.

Bidhya Sagar Das - male violence - Fair Play For Women
Bidhya Sagar Das, London. Battered one-year-old twins with a hammer.

Das assaulted his baby twins with a hammer, killing the boy and leaving the girl fighting for life. He ran away & attempted to evade capture by the police. What their mother must be going through is unimaginable. The Independent.

Edward Tenniswood - male violence - Fair Play For Women
Edward Tenniswood, Northampton. Coldly planned rape and murder.

Convicted of rape and murder, Tenniswood is an obsessive creep who objectified women. Claiming the sex was consensual and her death accidental (she had 33 injuries!), Tenniswood seemed to enjoy showing off at his trial. His victim India Chipchase was only 20. BBC.

Joe Storey - Male violence - Fair Play For Women
Joe Storey, Norwich. Beat his ex to death after a short relationship.

John “Joe” Storey had a history of violence against women, with several previous convictions. Kerri McAuley, who had two young children, was trying to end the relationship after he started hitting her only two months in. Storey inflicted 19 severe injuries, mostly to her head. She must have been so scared. BBC.

Martin Ponting / Jessica Winfield - Male violence - transgender - Fair Play For Women
Martin Ponting, Swindon. Child rapist, now being treated as a woman.

Martin Ponting viciously raped two children and was sentenced to life. Deemed dangerous, he was at a maximum-security prison for violent offenders when he decided to “live as a woman”.  Jessica Winfield, as he’s now known, has been moved to a women’s facility and expects early release.

One of his victims understandably called it a kick in the teeth, saying “He may have changed physically but his brain is still the same.” Women at his new prison have reportedly protested at being locked up with an ultra-violent male. Independent; UK Database.

Male violence, Rogues Gallery, Fair Play For Women
James Neary, Manchester. Murdered his wife Chrissy.

Popular nursery manager and grandmother Chrissy Kendall had told her husband, James “Jimmy” Neary, she wanted to end their marriage. That he took it so badly might be a clue as to her reasons: as the separation became final, he went to the house and strangled his wife. Making no attempt to raise medical help for her, he cut his wrists and drove off in Chrissy’s car. He was found asleep, still in her car. Manchester Evening News.

These are just a few examples of extreme male violence from UK news stories dated 2017. Numerous others – some even more disturbing – have been left out pending a verdict, which can take years.

It’s good to notice a shift in reporting on male violence. Only last year, ‘relationship’ killers like Joe Storey & James Neary would’ve been described as nice men who somehow lost the plot. The implications would be, of course, that victims of male violence cause their own death because decent men can’t be trusted not to murder someone when they’re angry! We’re now seeing at least some effort to include previous violent and controlling behaviour in police and media stories.

Please visit Karen Ingala Smith’s ground-breaking website for a lot more news, updates, information and background. Her dogged reporting and campaigning on male violence against women & children makes a real difference.

 0808 2000 247 Freephone 24hr National Domestic Violence Helpline
Run in partnership between Women’s Aid & Refuge

Editor’s note: Looking for an appropriate image to feature with this post, I googled “male violence”. To my surprise, I got rows of images about women being violent to men  😯  Just for the hell of it, I tried “female violence”. Result: images of beaten women, no males in sight. Oh, apart from some more pictures about how much violence men suffer at women’s hands. Newsflash: Women don’t beat up men, men beat up men.

“Men beat up women” got me still more photos of women hitting men. It looks like the internet really doesn’t want to admit the truth about male violence against women! In Google world, women either get beaten up all by themselves, or they’re busy knocking the hell out of some hapless male.

Women are non-violent compared to men.
Men commit 88% of violent offences, but nobody wants to say it!

London Metropolitan police: Help make it stop.


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