Lesbians and a cotton ceiling – This is feminism 6

Homophobia and the erasure of lesbians

OK so today we are talking about homosexuality, and as a feminist I am particularly concerned about my lesbian sisters and the exceptional issues they face under the rise of identity politics. Many lesbians argue that the “L” no longer belongs in the LGBT alphabet salad; that in fact the inclusion of the T and so on actually negate the meaning of the L.

I’m inclined to agree.

Identity politics legitimizes homophobia and specifically lesbophobia under a banner of “inclusivity”.

Lesbians have been persecuted for centuries – subjected to “corrective rape” and unwanted relationships with men. Infamously, lesbians weren’t even considered capable of having sexual relations together (fortuitously, as it happens) so were not included in UK laws banning homosexual contact.

Even today in these “enlightened” times, lesbian culture and identity is frequently ignored, mocked, or framed as titillation for heterosexual men. And now they are being silenced, simply for preferring a female body over a male one.

We’ve covered how identity politics dictates that your sex is not a material reality, but a notion determined by your inner “gender identity”. So, the ideology commands, if your gender is female, you are a woman – regardless of inconvenient things like a penis, or a beard.

Believe me when I say I have seen the words “female penis” or “lady dick” many many times, often used to threaten rape to feminists who question this assertion.

What implication does this have for lesbians? Well, lesbians are homosexual. It means they are attracted to people of their own sex. They like women – women who look, smell, feel, and sound like women; women with vulvas and real breasts. They don’t like penis. However many men, especially adult transitioners, who become transwomen, are heterosexual males – and as a result, they start calling themselves lesbians.

lesbians, homophobia, erasure - FairPlayForWomen.com
“Lesbian and penis should not occur in the same sentence” – bigoted?

Women-only dating apps and lesbian meet-ups are now full of males in bad wigs and dresses. Lesbians cannot exclude them because that would be discriminatory, so as a result bars are shut down, and women who want to meet with other women to network, have fun, flirt, hook up or form relationships are forced to organize in secret in order to avoid the male gaze.

lesbians, homophobia, erasure - FairPlayForWomen.com
Aggressively insistent transgender ‘lesbians’ are scaring women away from their meeting places.

Here’s where I introduce the disgusting concept of “The Cotton Ceiling”

Coined by Canadian trans woman Drew DeVeaux, this phrase describes how lesbians will be friends with transwomen but will not consider them as sexual partners. The cotton refers to a woman’s underwear.

Planned Parenthood in Toronto even held workshops for transwomen on this subject – only transwomen allowed – but you can’t organise a workshop for only natal women because that would be exclusionary.

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“Strategize ways to overcome [the barriers]” sounds rapey to me, as does the whole cotton ceiling concept. Apparently even as women, men are entitled to sex. MAAB = ‘male assigned’ at birth
In fact lesbians are frequently attacked for their “discriminatory” sexual preferences. Here’s a quote from Buzzfeed:

“Some lesbians…are still all too eager to write off [people] because of “genital preferences,” which means they have incredibly reductive ideas…”

News for you Buzzfeed – dating IS discriminatory, no one is under any obligation to have sex with anyone else. Being homosexual is not having “reductive ideas”.

Young lesbians in particular are feeling a real strain to embrace identity politics. Young butch lesbians are encouraged to see themselves as men, and are put under social pressure to transition. Referrals to the transgender clinics for teenage girls suffering dysphoria now outweigh boys significantly.

Chest binders, which have appalling side effects and make physical exercise next to impossible, are being tolerated in schools. Young female bodies are being altered and hidden owing to this regressive ideology that says that if you have masculine traits you must be a man.

lesbians, homophobia, erasure - FairPlayForWomen.com
Teenage referrals to the Tavistock gender clinic are now more than 70% girls.
lesbians, homophobia, erasure - FairPlayForWomen.com
Referrals of girls overtake boys at 8-9 years old. (Tavistock gender clinic, UK.)

Other young lesbians are told that not to date transwomen is exclusionary – and many are vulnerable when it comes to peer pressure, feeling obligated to have sexual encounters they do not want.

It honestly breaks my heart. Adults should be providing rational, sensible guidance on this. We are letting down a generation of young lesbians. I just want it to stop.



Here is a link to info about the Tavistock gender clinic: From Etiology to Ideology


Spokes-trans-person Riley J Dennis has a large series of videos on why you’re transphobic. This one has almost 300,000 views. It’s about why it’s not only bigoted, but also cruel to know what kind of bodies you find sexually attractive. Have a listen – you may not last the whole six minutes, but you’ll see why teenagers get overwhelmed by this rhetoric.


13 thoughts on “Lesbians and a cotton ceiling – This is feminism 6

  • 2017.08.04 at 00:15

    I am a man and stumbled on this article. I am a heterosexual 100% and obviously now a transfoob because i don’t like penises either. Basically i hurt my jaw when it dropped on my desk while reading your article. I never knew that the whole transgender concept was becoming this absurd. Basically it also means that if i am approached by a “woman” with a penis and i don’t like that, that i do not have the right to say no because of the penis? Whatever happened with tolerance towards gay people? After many scientific studies it was proven that in gay people a small part of the brain reacts a little different from heterosexual people and now all of a sudden it is not allowed to function as a gay person? I mean Jezus come on I loved Pamela Anderson you most likely did too and now we both have to like Bruce Jenner……?

    • 2017.08.04 at 00:43

      Yep – you got it, Mark. Physical (biological) sex is fluid, changeable, and doesn’t matter anyway. What matters is genderness – which is also fluid & changeable, but much more real than DNA or reproductive organs. Pamela, Bruce, it’s all about how they identify. If you don’t like the feminine penis, you are indeed a transfoob (good word!)

      I keep bursting into incredulous laughter, then remembering this crap is shaping our laws and public policies. Once you’ve prised your chin off the desk, do have a read of our other articles – and tell people it’s really happening!

  • 2017.08.12 at 04:30

    Dennis is doing damage there. Why do i suddenly get the feeling it’s just guys coming swinging their ‘male privileges’ around? All about them without any hint of regard for genuine complications for natal women, whatever sexual orientation. Bad move to become respected.

  • 2017.08.14 at 18:21

    It’s all so transparent. They don’t change their SEXuality when they transition, so they have to insist on the cotton ceiling because if they don’t, there’s no escaping the that they were, are, and will remain, heteroSEXual men. But that means their innate booboo gender identity doesn’t really exist. So they grab hold of that male entitlement and bang! All the lesbians are transphobes.

  • 2017.08.14 at 18:23

    Meant to say – but of course they won’t go after the boys like Mark. Might be some consequences to that.

  • 2017.08.22 at 09:35

    I was watching a video on Facebook and was directed here.

    I’m transgender (boy to girl) and I’m just, I don’t get why I shouldn’t be considered a lesbian.

    I identify as a girl already and my friends all know and refer to me appropriately, I do like girls and when I start dating I always bring it up early enough before a relationship starts (I haven’t had surgery yet) my current gf doesn’t care when I go get it shipped but it’s absurd that people keep putting transgender down and act like we’re not women.

    I mean, I cannot stand the idea of being with a man.

    I’m physically a boy.. look like an actual girl due to my weight and hair (plus I’m kept in chastity so there’s no erections anymore to be noticed)

    But I mean, I’m physically a boy.
    With the mind and heart of a girl. I choose to identify as a lesbian since I still like girls.

    anyone who doesn’t accept trans women should take a good long look in the mirror

    I don’t force my gf to stay with me, I don’t force her into sexual acts, I love her and she loves me.
    As long as your not waking up next to one of us transgender freaks why do you care so much about other girls winding up with a transgender they actually can and may love?

    • 2017.08.23 at 00:31

      Hi, “rather not”. I’m genuinely pleased to hear you’re happy with your girlfriend. And nobody’s calling you a freak!

      You say I don’t get why I shouldn’t be considered a lesbian and I cannot stand the idea of being with a man.

      The point is, it’s not about what YOU want to be called. It’s a fact that lesbians are biological women who are sexually attracted to other biological women only. This is why it’s called homosexual and not homogenderal!

      When you call your self a lesbian, you’re lying and – more importantly – denying the existence of actual homosexual women.

      Not being a lesbian doesn’t mean you have to sleep with men, for heaven’s sake. You’re a trans girl with a girlfriend. That’s fine. You are not a lesbian, because your sex isn’t female.

      Hope that’s cleared things up!

  • 2017.08.28 at 10:41

    “Planned Parenthood in Toronto even held workshops for transwomen on this subject (the cotton ceiling) – only transwomen allowed – but you can’t organise a workshop for only natal women because that would be exclusionary.”

    They could ask me to run this seminar, because I know exactly what to say:

    “If you want to break the cotton ceiling, just turn to someone else in this room. You two can then sleep with each other. If you have a problem with that, you should respect that lesbian AFABs also could have that.

    • 2017.08.28 at 15:31

      Traditionally, trans autogynephiles do sleep with each other! I don’t know whether this recent influx are different – or maybe breaking down women’s right to choose is a further objective.

  • 2017.10.30 at 20:04

    So, I got about halfway through this article and couldn’t finish because this is such pure bullshit. Being a lesbian means a girl like girls, yeah? Trans women are just that, women. They didn’t ask for the body they got. It’s totally fine for a lesbian to say “I don’t like penises, so I would like to be with a woman without a penis”. Not so difficult, right? I guarantee that a trans woman wouldn’t want to be with you if you state your view. It’s ignorant. They aren’t trying to make you like penises. They don’t even want someone who has preferences like the ones you stated to be near them. Trans women(and trans men) have been around for much longer than you think. And they haven’t bothered anyone. So this is people like you making issues in the 21st century. Not trans people. TERFs like you are making everything a hostile situation when it should just be a peaceful conversation about preferences. I’m ashamed for you.

    • 2017.10.31 at 14:47

      If male-bodied trans ‘lesbians’ (heterosexual males who think of themselves as women) weren’t bothering female lesbians (women who are same-sex attracted), this post would not have been written. In reality, though, lesbians are being hounded both physically and online. Just yesterday, I saw a bunch of posts asserting that it is “hate speech” to be attracted only to “thin white cis women”. A lesbian friend was chucked out of her group for saying she feels no physical attraction for male genitals.

      Sexual orientation isn’t just a preference. I can change my preference in home furnishings, but not my sexual orientation.

      The fact that Planned Parenthood runs courses on ‘overcoming the barriers’ to sex with lesbians says it all, I think.

  • 2018.02.19 at 03:27

    I’m a heterosexual male who strongly sympathizes with gays and lesbians and this article broke my heart. I had no idea the trans ideology had gone to this point. By this logic I too am a “transphobe” for not being sexually attracted to penises! Shameful. We need to challenge this.

    • 2018.04.16 at 19:59

      Thank you, Richard. I am glad to hear men – particularly straight men – defending lesbians in these comments. Liberal men (although I have no idea if you consider yourself liberal, many actual conservatives have begun to support gay rights) can at times be some of the vocal and violent supporters of trans women as “women,” and it is ridiculous. And yes, you would be a transphobe for not wanting to deal with a penis – or even a fauxgina. Trans women do not have vaginas no matter how much surgery they have, because vaginas have features, such as muscle, that surgery can’t copy. I am bringing this up because both straight men and lesbian women have been told that there is absolutely no excuse to NOT want to sleep with someone who has had “gender reassignment surgery.” So people might say, “okay, I understand not wanting to be with someone pre-surgery, but post-surgery no excuse – you’re a transphobe.” In other words, you are a transphobe if you want a whole, real woman or man (pressure has started to build that gay men accept trans men). As a straight woman, I prefer a whole, real man – and that doesn’t make me a transphobe.


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