The legal rights of transgender people and biological women

Fair Play For Women has written a series of articles on the important topic of the legal rights available to transgender people and to biological women. How the rights of these two groups interact is crucial to an informed debate on GRA reform. We are also producing a series of factsheets to promote awareness. We need to know our rights if we want to defend them. This list of articles and factsheets will be regularly updated.

List of articles:

The Gender Recognition Act – What does it means for women

The Equality Act – a woman’s right to single-sex spaces and services

Transgender rights: How did we get here? Part 1: Equality Law

Transgender rights: How did we get here? Part 2: Changing legal sex

The Scottish Consultation on reform of the Gender Recognition laws.


And Factsheets:

FACTSHEET: UK Equality law and the single-sex exemptions

FACTSHEET: A woman’s legal right to seek refuge in a biologically female-only space

FACTSHEET: Guide to the Scottish Consultation on GRA reform

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