Jennifer Harvey, writer and mother.


My name is Jennifer Harvey and I’m a writer and a mother from South West Wales

I stand for the sex based rights of natal women because I know how hard feminists before us had to fight for them. I know that all over the world, women are treated as second class citizens for no other reason than they were born female. How are we to address sexism if we ignore biological sex differences in favour of personal identity?

How are we to protect women from male violence if their safe, sex segregated spaces are open to anyone who declares themselves a woman, no matter their biology or history? Where is the evidence that biologically male people who identify as women are statistically less of a risk to women than any other natal male?

I believe that as just over half the population, women deserve better than a hastily, ill thought through change to the law that will sweep away their rights in order to appease what is a very small minority of people whose personal identity is at odds with their biology.

The enormity of such a change warrants in depth analysis, comprehensive risk assessments, and for those in power to fully understand what is at stake