Let Us Eat Cake Fun Pack

How to host a Let Us Eat Cake event

  1. Think about where you can hold your gathering and who and how many friends to invite.  It could be at home, in the pub, in the park.
  2. Order a campaign starter pack and enough guidance booklets to give one to each person who attends.
  3. The gathering should be invite only – a gathering of friends, work colleagues, neighbours. Think of people who would be interested to find out more.
  4. Download our invitation and fill in the date, time and venue. Send out your invitations by email or messenger, or print out and give out by hand.


On the day:

  1. Think about how you could show our short films. You could use a laptop, tablet or TV screen. If you have wifi at the venue you can play directly from you-tube. If not you can download the files onto your device before you go.
  2. Display the leaflets, postcards and guide booklets for people to look at and take home.
  3. Most importantly have fun and enjoy each others company, chat about the issues and share what you know.
  4. Please take photos of your event – check with people first to see if they are ok to be included in photos. Send your photos to [email protected] so we can inspire others!


Invitations to print

Invitations to share

Order campaign pack

Order guide booklets

(Use password CAKE to order booklets)





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