Full list of signatories to the open letter to Girlguiding published in Sunday Times on 15th April 2018

Welcome to Fair Play for Women. We are an apolitical grassroots campaign group standing up for the rights of women and girls.

This is the full list of names of the 759 people who signed in support of the open letter to Girlguiding published in the Sunday Times on 15th April 2018.

Now 927 – An extra 168 names since publication.

If you want to add your name to this growing list please click here.

“We are Leaders, parents, and women’s rights advocates who share a love of Girlguiding and the empowering female-only space it provides. The current transgender policy of Girlguiding UK (GGUK) compels units to accept boys who self-identify as girls for camping trips and other activities. This poses safeguarding risks, reinforces gender stereotypes and denies informed parental consent. A boy who identifies as a girl is still legally and physically male. Trans inclusion, whilst laudable, must not sacrifice the privacy, safety or inclusion of female members.

Our key concerns are:

Male children who identify as girls can share sleeping, changing and washing facilities with females. It is estimated that 65,000 cases of child sexual abuse are committed by other children each year. Most perpetrators are male, most victims are female. Segregating by sex, regardless of gender identity, is safeguarding common sense.

Leaders are banned from disclosing to parents that their daughters could be sharing mixed sex accommodation, despite no law saying they can’t, contravening GGUK’s own policy of informed consent.

Girls who identify as boys are expected to leave. This disproportionately affects lesbian girls, who are most likely to experience gender confusion, and are impacted when they most need support.

If Girlguiding is now based on an ‘inner sense of being a girl’, girlhood itself is reduced to feeling, looking or behaving ‘like a girl’, which reinforces the very stereotypes that GGUK’s own research shows are harmful.

This policy breaches Equality Law. We are calling on GGUK to suspend it pending an independent review. Girls matter, biological sex matters, and the law agrees”

Factsheet here and full report here


Helen Watts (Leader)
Joanna Green (Queens guide, former young leader guider)
Clair Conaghan (Leader)
Jo Fearnhead-Wymbs (Leader)
Kim Weston (Leader)
Hannah Tahir (Leader)
Nicky Parris (Leader)
Carrie Wheeler (trainee Leader)
Sarah Mackie (Leader)
Alexandra Evans (Leader)
Kate Alcock (Leader)
Gil Marsh (Leader)
Rebecca Simpson (Leader)
Joy Vann (Retired District Leader & Commissioner)
Tina Gayle (former leader 6th Shepshed Guides)
Irene Margaret Blackburn (former Brown Owl)
Kate Styles (former Leader)
Elaine Devlin (former Leader)
Sinead Connolly (former Snowy Owl)
Debbie Boyd (former Leader)
Karen Forsdick (former Leader)
Eliza Messner (former Leader)
Hope Liebersohn (former Leader)
Mrs I.M.Noon (former Leader)
Vicki Reilly (former Snowy Owl)
Karen Black (former Leader)
Rebecca de Vos (former Leader)
Jo Ryan (former Leader)
Nina Currier (Queens Guide)
Helen Pringle (Queens Guide)
Helen Cooper (Guiding volunteer)
Carolyn Thomas (Guiding volunteer)
Tina Vincent (Guiding volunteer)
Swati Kreamer (Guiding volunteer)
Emma Bryn (Guiding volunteer)
Suzan Sevgi (former volunteer)
Tina Vincent (former volunteer)
Rhonda Thompson (former volunteer)
Margaret Nichol (former volunteer)
Dr Nicola Williams (Fair Play For Women)
Stephanie Davies-Arai (Transgender Trend)
Ruth Serwotka (WPUK)
Judith Green (WPUK)
Heather Brunskell-Evans (Co-Editor, Transgender Children: Born in Your Own Body)
Professor Michelle Moore (Co-Editor, Transgender Children: Born in Your Own Body)
Amy Desir (#ManFriday)
Hannah Clarke (#ManFriday)
Gemma Aitchinson (YES matters)
Josephine Bartosch (Critical Sisters)
Sadia Hameed (Critical Sisters)
Ruth Greeberg (RadFem Collective)
Siren Press
Jessica Eaton (Researcher, Psychology of Sexual Violence)
Harriet Wistrich (Director of Centre for Women’s Justice)
Karen Ingala Smith (CEO of nia)
Catherine Harper (Ex Director of Edinburgh Women’s Aid)
Paul McInnes (Senior Child Protection professional)
RadFemLawyer (Barrister)
Sareyeh Hadian (Solicitor)
Professor Andrew Tettenborn (Law)
Gender Critical Dad (Parent of a trans child)
Debbie Hayton (Transrights Campaigner)
Kristina Harrison (Transsexual)
Bob Withers (Jungian Analyst)
Magdalen Berns (Feminist)
Yasmin Rehman (Feminist)
Jennifer Bilek (author, feminist)
Julie Bindel (author, feminist)
Jeni Harvey (feminist, writer)
Lily Maynard (campaigner, writer)
Abbie Shannon
Aine Coleman (city councillor, mother of member)
Alan Budge
Alex Hill (mother of member)
Ali Ceesay (mother of member)
Alice Johnson
Alison Batts
Amanda Lesiatoi
Amanda Schofield
Amanda Snowe (former member)
Amy Corcoran (former member)
Amanda Bickerton (former member)
Amy Gamlin
Amy Johnson (former member)
Amy King
Amy Lilac  (former member)
An Ong (former member)
Ana Munitic
Andrew Lane
Andy Healey
Angela Bugden (former member)
Angela Burke
Angela C. Wild (mother of member)
Angela Dixon (former member)
Angela Styles (former member)
Angela Tierney
Angie Sabin
Ann Edwards (former member)
Ann Gannaway
Anna Zobnina (mother of member)
Annabel Timlin (mother of member)
Anne Bevan
Anne Cameron
Anne Cutler
Anne Higham (former member)
Anne McDowall
Anne Stones (former member)
Antony Wilson
Artemis Rhodes
Ashleigh Higgins
Barbara Burgess
Barbara Lapthorn,
Barbara Hart
Bella Bailey (mother of member)
Ben Turner (father to members)
Beth Miller (former member)
Bo Novak
BobbyJo Delissio
Brenda Ellis (grandmother)
Brian Thomas
Bridget Elliott (former member)
Bronwen Davies (former member)
Carl Brown
Carly Wright
Carol O’Byrne
Caroline Asante
Caroline Campbell (former member)
Caroline Darts (mother of member)
Caroline Farrow
Caroline Baker (former member)
Caroline Grassby (former member)
Caroline Li (former member)
Caroline Murray
Caroline Storey
Carolyn Thomas  (mother of member)
Catherine Allen (mother of member, Designated Safeguarding Lead in a primary school)
Catherine Brazier (former member)
Catherine Connor (former member)
Catherine Drury (former member)
Catherine Love,
Catherine Lindup
Catherine Robinson
Catrin Barber (mother of member)
Ceri Dyke
Charlie Dacke
Charlie Tahir
Charlotte Barton (mother of member)
Charlotte Cain (former member)
Charlotte Edwards (former member)
Charlotte Featherstone (former member)
Charlotte Robinson (mother of member)
Charmaine De-Bell
Cherry Austin (former member)
Cheryl Mccarthy (former member)
Chloe Reed (mother of member)
Chris Reason
Christina Forte
Christine Lee
Christine M. Garrett (mother of member)
Christine Willis
Christopher Reason
Claire Louise
Claire miller
Claire O’Brien
Clara Reason
Clara Westwood (former member)
Clare Brown Agami (former member)
Claire-Marie Malpas
Clare Holliday
Clarissa Payne
Corinne Aldred (mother of member)
Csilla Florian
Cushla Brennan (Teacher)
Danielle Griffiths
Darina Roche
Darina Roche-Kiang
Dawne Brown
Deb Gronow (former member)
Debbie Snailham (former member)
Debbie Taylor-Osborne
Deborah Dickey (mother of member)
Deborah Hurst (former member)
Deborah Keeble (former member)
Deborah MacGillivray
Deborah Morgan (mother of member)
Debra Atkinson (former member)
Delyth Simon
Denise Wightman
Diana DeAngelis
Diane Brewster
Diane Healey (former member, mother of member )
Diane Jones
Dianne Vine (former member)
Dina Mehdi
DL Gordon
Dominic Stockford
Dominica Maxted
Donna Murray
Donna Stevenson
Dr Lesley Semmens (former member)
Dr Martin Watts
Elaine Plevin (mother of member)
Elaine Robertson (former member)
Eleanor Hill (former member)
Eleanor Kent-Dyson (former member, mother of member)
Eleanor Woolley (mother of member)
Elizabeth Bloor
Elizabeth Carola (Teacher)
Elizabeth Finneron-Burns (former member)
Elizabeth Martin
Elizabeth Miln (spLD teacher)
Elizabeth Norton (former member)
Ellen McKendry
Ellie Holland (Teacher)
Emily Collins
Emily Mills (former member)
Emma Aynsley
Emma Brooker (former member)
Emma Dolan
Emma Foster
Emma Flynn (former member)
Emma Gibson
Emma Anderson (mother of member)
Emma Jones (mother of member)
Emma Niamh Hilton
Emma Parker (former member, mother of member)
Erica Bennett (former member)
Erin Ardis
Esther Bell
Esther Gambrell
Esther Metcalfe (former member)
Eve Hosler
Farah Khan
Felicity Cox
Fhiona Alsop (former member, mother of member)
Fiona Mackenzie (former member)
Fiona Millar
Fiona Martin (former member)
Fiona Stratton
Flora Fairford (former member)
Fr Hugh MacKenzie (Priest)
Frances Gee
Francesca Jones
Gemma Bailey (mother of member)
Gemma Murray
Gemma Fox
Gemma Thompson (former member)
George Weller (mother of member)
Georgina Toye PhD (former member)
Geraldine Golder
Gerry Davies (former member)
Gill Birchall (former member)
Gill Steel
Gillian Smith
Gina Jenkinson
Ginny Eldridge
Grace Beyler (former member, mother of member)
Grace Morrissey
Hannah Johnson (former member)
Hannah Roberts
Harriet Ennis
Heather Heiner (former member)
Heidi Wilson
Helen Bell
Helen Blackler (former member)
Helen Cameron (mother of member)
Helen Gibson
Helen Saxby
Helen Scott (former member)
Helen Wilson
Hella Casey (mother of member)
Heather Fulford (former member)
Holly Surname
Imogen Thorpe
Irene O’Driscoll
Isabel Vaughan-Spruce
Isabelle Tracy
Jack Henriques
Jackie Campbell (former member, mother of member)
Jacky Holyoake
Jacqueline Johnston (former member)
James O’Neill
James Robinson
Jamie Scott
Jan Hunter
Jan Oliver
Jane Barry (former member)
Jane Garrett
Jane Kirkland (former member, mother of member)
Jane Loe
Jane Hutton (retired social worker)
Jane Parkin (former member)
Jane Rowland
Jane Robertson (former member)
Janine Pyke (former member)
Janni Olson
Jayne Egerton
Jayne McCarthy
Jean Calder (Teacher, former member)
Jean Molloy (former member)
Jeni England
Jennifer Drew (former member)
Jennifer Garnett (former member)
Jennifer Howlin (mother of member)
Jennifer Norman
Jennifer Smith (former member)
Jenny Berki (former member)
Jenny Knaggs (former member)
Jessica Ahlberg (former member)
Jessica Mordsley
Jessica Newbold
Jessica Shepherd (former member)
Jillian McCormick
Jo Battrum (former member)
Jo Brew (former member)
Jo Christie-Smith (former member)
Jo Gateshill (former member)
Joan Janzen
Joanne Fretwell
Joanne Haigh (former member)
Joanne Kimberlin-Wyer (mother to member)
Jude Harris (former member)
Julia Beck
Julie Clare
Julie Eason
Julia Evans (former member)
Julian Vigo
Julie Colman (mother of member)
Julie Deakin (former member)
Julie Foster (former member)
Julie Matthews (former member)
Julie Montgomery
Julie Moss
Julie Prentice
Julie Price
June MacQueen (former member)
Karen Davies (former member)
Karen Goode (mother of member)
Kate Alexander
Kate Bramwell
Kate Coleman
Kate Faure
Kate Graham (Teacher)
Kate Hall (Teacher, former member)
Kate Lee
Kate Twisk
Kate Young (mother of member)
Katie Bryan
Katie Snow (mother of member)
Kath Congdon
Katy Saunderson
Kay Elliot
Kelly Deacon
Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull
Kelly Frost (Teacher)
Kelly Power (Educator, former member)
Ken Urwin
Kim Jenkins
Kim Lange
Kim Saunders (former member)
Kimberley Jones (mother of member)
Kinnersley Taylor (Specialist educator in mental health)
Kira Behvandi
Kristy Bowers (former member)
Laura Bevis (former member)
Laura Hall (former member)
Laura Linsey (mother of member)
Laura Nere (former member)
Laura Sanders (mother of member)
Laura Smethurst (former member)
Laura Williams
Lauren Bryce
Lauren Clark (former member)
Lauren Holt
Lesley Burdon (mother of member)
Lesley Rhodes
Lesley Taylor
Liane Timmermann
Libby Morrison
Lily Frances White
Linda Holmes
Lindsey Knight (mother of member)
Lisa Davies (health professional)
Lisa Dunwoody
Lisa Ethridge
Lisa Luna
Lisa Rain (former member)
Lisa Robson (former member)
Liz Clothier (former member)
Liz Edwards
Liz Vickers (former member)
Lizzie Leaman
Lola Markson
Lorraine Busby
Lorrie Hartshorn
Louisa Guinness
Louisa Mayfield
Louisa Moore
Louise Thorburn (former member, mother of member)
Louise Bond (former member)
Louise Brown (former member)
Louise Bush
Louise Daniels
Louise Maher (former member)
Louise McGuinness
Louise Mortley (mother of member)
Louise Osborne (mother of member)
Louise Paine
Louise R Dennis
Louise Somerville
Lucia Donovan (former teacher)
Lucy Fox (former member)
Lucy Mcdonagh (former member)
Lucy Massoud
Lucy Winters
Lydia Rogers
Lynda Croft (former member)
Lynn Gard
Lynn Alderson
Lynn Schreiber (former member)
Lynsey Fenwick
Maggi Gibson (former member)
Mandy Dyson
Margaret Glover
Margaret Haggerty (mother of member)
Margaret Johnson (former member)
Margaret M Hill (former member)
Margaret McCarroll
Margaret Milroy
Maria Alferova
Maria Chapman
Maria Moseley (former member)
Marie Thompson (former member)
Marion Calder (former member)
Marjory Smith (former member)
Martin Dufresne (father of member)
Mary Buttolph
Mary Dauman
Mary Mulligan
Mary R Dent
Matt Campbell
Matthew Pritchard (father of member)
Maureen Lee (grandmother and former member)
Maureen Turner (former member)
May McKintosh (former member)
Melissa Mallows
Michael Murphy
Michelle Hutchins
Michelle Rodgers
Michelle Steel (former member)
Mik stimpson (father of member)
Miranda Yardley
Mrs Claire Pritchett
Mrs Clare Bashford
Ms Charlie Moss
Ms Emma Ruby
Ms Jenifer Lavery
Nana Mo
Naomi McCormick
Natalie Holland
Natasha Perry (former member)
Natasha Read
Nicky Wallace
Nicola Burden (former member & volunteer)
Nicola Clark
Nicola Kerry (former member)
Nicola Robson
Nicola Russell (former member)
Nicola Wells,
Nicole Jones (former member)
Nikki Griesemann (former member)
Nina Taylor
Olivia Moore (former member)
Pam Bircumshaw
Pam Smith (former member)
Pam Williams
Pamela Pilidis
Paul Dyson (father of member)
Paula Boulton (Forest School Leader)
Pete Thomas (father of member)
Peter Saunders
Philippa Molloy (former member)
Prue Plumridge
Rachael Mears
Rachael Rowe
Rachel Horrill (former member, mother of member)
Rachel King (former member)
Rachel Moss (mother of member)
Rachel Phillips (former member, mother of member)
Radha Burgess
Rebecca Brannan (former member)
Rebecca Hale (former member)
Rebecca Hall
Rebecca Lush
Rebecca Sutton (former member)
Rebecca Turner (former member)
Reg Christie
Reggie St.John
Rhiannon Tutt
Richard Newbold
Roberta Lee
Roddy Veitch
Rose Grant
Rose Keeble
Rosemary Letts (former member)
Rosie Benington (former member)
Roy Barber
Roz Baker
Ruth Haynes (former member, mother of member)
Ruth Hill
Ruth Lavery
Sallyanne Slater
Sally Stafford
Sam Brydon
Sam Phillips (former member)
Sam Robins (former member)
Samantha Bailey
Samantha Elson
Samantha Cartledge
Samantha Rea (former member)
Samantha Yates (mother of member)
Sandra Woodhead
Sandy Duducu
Sara Braker (former member, mother of member)
Sara Jones (mother of member)
Sara Mayo
Sara Williams (former member)
Sarah Andersen (former member)
Sarah Bettison (former member)
Sarah Cooksley
Sarah Cummings (former member)
Sarah Ferguson (former member)
Sarah Haworth (mother of member)
Sarah Homan
Sarah Hunter
Sarah Johnson (former member)
Sarah Threadgold
Sarah White
Sarah Wilson
Sasha Tiernan
Selene Maher
Sharon Brightman (mother of member)
Sharon O’Brien
Sheena Best (former member)
Sheila Jeffreys (former member)
Shelly Norton (former member)
Sian Griffiths (mother of member)
Siân Havard (Teacher, mother of a member, former member)
Sian Hodgson (former member)
Sian Timmins
Siobhan Quinn (former member)
Siobhan McConnell
Sofy Tai
Stacey Jackson
Steph Turner (former member, mother to members)
Stephanie Middleton
Stephanie Williams (mother of member)
Stephen Kirk
Stuart Berry
Stuart Campbell
Sue Morris
Sue Slassor
Suesan Matthews (former member)
Susan Auger
Susan Green
Susan Matthews
Susan Williams
Suzie Love
Tara Burney
Tara Wettrich
Ted Williams
Teresa Heys
Teresa Hewitt
Tessa McInnes
Thea Oxbury
Tim Rhodes
Tina Budge
Toni Morris
Tracy Elder
Triona Scully
Ursula Bright (former member)
Vanessa McC
Vicky Neale
Victoria Alice Jones
Victoria Ann Merrell-Jell
Victoria Madden (former member)
Victoria Thomas (former member, mother of member)
Victoria Manser (mother of member)
Victoria Pritchard (mother of member)
Victoria Woodward (mother of member)
Vivien Field
Wendy Johnson (mother of member)
Wendy Lee
Yvonne Overall
Yvonne Smith
Zoe Kinson (mother of member)
Zoë Lafantaisie
Zoe Spring (Teacher, former member)
Zoi Lleshi


A Barr
A Lawson
A Marshall
A Morris
A Neville
A Richardson
A Stewart
A Thomas
A Wright
A Clark
A Crowle
A Giles
A Nougerede
A Stirk
A Tucker
A Thomas
Alison O
Anne K
B Turner
B White
B.F. Meechan
C Anderson
C Carolan
C Darling
C Garlick
C Griffith
C Hamilton
C Hamilton
C Howarth
C Kendrick
C LaMontagne
C List
C Morris
C Ratcliffe
C Taylor
C. Baker
C.M. Williams,
C Malone
C McGilvery
C Tegwyn
D Bow
D Fitzsimmons
D Matthews
D O’Riordan
D Cooper
D.M. Lynch
Dr. A.E. Lacey
E Dawson
E Draffan
E Lakin
E Parry
E Summers
E Williams
E Worley
E Procter
F Doran
F Martin
F Maddison
G Gordon
G Nelson
G Newsham
G O’Neil
G Stewart
Gemma C
H Gordon
H Miller
H Raynor
H Scott
H Soutar
H Keyes
J Brown
J Coates
J Gaskell
J Jackson
J Jesson
J McKenzie
J O’Connell
J Pearson
J Robinson
J Sutton
J Joy
J Panayi
K Ball
K Beaumont
K Harding
K Hodson
K Jones
K Rivers
K Southcott
K Sunney
K Wilkinson
K Wood
K Ross
K Scott
L Hill
L Pirie
L Richards
L Roy
L Walker
L Waterhouse
L Wolosyzn
L Clarke
M Norclife
Mrs F House
Mrs Hamilton
Mrs HE Carter
Mrs Huxley
Mrs Kenwright
Mrs L Kelly
Mrs M Turner
Mrs S B
Mrs s Reay
Mrs Wood
Ms Emma Ruby
Ms Jenifer Lavery
Ms McG
N Gibson
N Gold
N Hick
P Gentle
P Keegan
P Richardson
P Roche
P Thompson
P Lane
P Wharton
P Bateman
R Clough
R Heath
R Pearce
R Short
R Sinclair
R Thomas
R Walker
R Mitchell
R Keith
S Bignell
S Cosson
S Field
S Howe
S Jackson
S M White
S MH Reid
S Morrison
S Oldfield
S Reynolds
S Wakefield
S Walker
S Zhou
S.C. McGurk
S Unwin
S.R. Ray
V Thomas
V Thornton
W Bone
Y Davies



The list has continued to grow in response to the open letter. So far an extra 147 names:


Alison Loise Lloyd

Anne Pilkington (former leader)

Abbie Gibbs

Alice Bondi

Alabama Whitman (former member)

Anne Couldrey  (former member)

Andrea Smith (former member)

Artemis Rhodes

Ama Achebe

Angela Haynes

Anna Fisher

Andrea Thomas

Anne Stafford

Amanda. Charles (former member)

Bella Dawson (former member)

Bettie Annie

Caroline Davenport Thomas (former member)

Catherine Reeves (former member)

Charlotte Siemen (mother of member)

Catherine Mccartney (Grandmother of member)

Chloë McGilvery

Christopher Mackie

Claire Fenner

Catherine Carolan

Claire Malone (former member)

Clare Lyons (mother of member)

Clare Phillipson

Danielle Cooper (former member, mother of member)

Dawn Susan (former member)

Debbie Bell (former member)

Dr Christopher Shell

Elaine Palmer

Elaine Younger

Emily Levey (former leader)

Emma Smith (former member)

Emma Salmon

Elspeth Bleakley (Brownie leader)

Emma Goulart

Emma Barraclough (former member and mother of member)

Erin Niehaus

Emma Dice (mother of member)

Eva Poen

Ewa Nicholas

Fiona Digby

Fiona Trim (former member)

Fiona McAllister

Gary Brown

Gemma Setters

Gillian Philip

Gill Jennings (former member)

Greta Millington

Hazel Morris-ford

Hannah Reese (former member)

Helen Murell (former member)

Hena Begum

Imogen Saiz

Jane Doe (former member)

Jan Holden

Jennifer Burnett

Jennifer Mitchell

Jennifer Robertson

Jenny Glynn

Jess Smith

Jean Dowton

John Haigh

Josephine Wood MBE (former member)

Julie Wilcox (former member)

Jules King

Julia Long

Jade Webb (mother of members)

Julie Beard

Jean Dowton

Jeremy Webb

Julia Lisa Gower (former helper)

Kat Busby Hicks

Kath Henderson (mother of member)

Katherine Armitage (former member, mother of member)

Katherine Brierly (former member)

Kathleen Richardson

Klavs Ejsing

Laura Hacking

Laura Chant

Lowri Daniels

Linda Guy

Marianne Griffiths

Mary Hinsley

Michelle Bosma

Mike Alcock

Maureen O’Hara

Milly Robbins (former member)

Meret Gabra Liddell

Nina Wilde

Odette Caruana

Patricia Hardman (Former leader, Queens guide, mother of member)

Peter Simonsson

Polly Dixon

Peter Marshall

Rachel White (former member)

Rebecca Williams (former member)

Rebecca Harries-Williams

Rebecca Waclawyj

Robyn Bone (former member)

Rona Stewart

Ruth Cherry

Ruth Hollows (former member)

Ruth Pearson

Ruth Conlock (former member)

Sam Butler

Sarah L Nield

Samuel Reese

Sarah Westbury

Sarah Jane Busby (former member)

Sheila Cochrane

Susie Ann Thygesen Daugaard

Sheila Wright (former member)

Shirley Murley (former member)

Shirley Taylor

Sharon Walker (mother of member)

Spike Robinson (father of members)

Susan King

Shirley Jones

Tamsin Pentreath

Tracey Brookes

Tracie Kanssen (former member)

Tracy Mitchell (former member)

Vanessa Topping (former member, mother of member)

Valerie Bernham

Virginia Ward

Wendy Atkinson (former member)

Yvette Hunter (former member)

Zoe Weston (former member, mother of member)

One thought on “Full list of signatories to the open letter to Girlguiding published in Sunday Times on 15th April 2018

  • 2018.04.15 at 12:32

    My daughter will not be joining brownies or guides until this is addressed. Sexual violence against women, by men, in public toilets exists and should be considered. I would not invite a teeneger with a penis for a sleepover with my daughter at home and do not want a club forcing my daughter to enter into that. I am a previous member and a writer.


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