Feminist Memes #1

Just some feminist memes from Fair Play For Women 🙂

Muscovado Banana, homage to Danelle Muscato - FPFW feminist memes
If you think I am “less” of a banana, or NOT a banana, because I don’t fit your mental picture of what a banana “should” look like, or how a banana “should” or “shouldn’t” taste, news flash:
Your mental description of bananas is not only inaccurately narrow, but anti-fruitist and bigoted as well.


Biological sex differences: human brain - FPFW feminist memes
Men’s brains are bigger, but there’s no IQ advantage


Did you just assume His gender? Christmas card - FPFW feminist memes
Positive discrimination - FPFW feminist memes
Positive discrimination: Nineteen prime ministers from one boys’ school


Women can do it - FPFW feminist memes
“Women can do it”


You're doing gender all wrong - FPFW feminist memes
“I didn’t get where I am today, etc”


Born male, knows how it feels to be a woman - FPFW feminist memes
We just wouldn’t know otherwise!


If I say I'm a woman - FPFW feminist memes
“Look, kitten, I don’t give a damn what you think. If I say I’m a woman, then by god, I am one!”



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