I don’t like gender. This is feminism 101

I don’t like gender

Start at the beginning, Catherine.

When I was younger I was told women and girls could do anything – no longer restricted to the home or domestic/caring professions, women have broken their chains and the world is their oyster.

Those chains” are roles enforced on us by a patriarchal society. The sex roles are constrained by a set of rules that dictate what women are and what they can do.

Those rules say that women are meek, subservient, less intelligent, enjoy menial tasks, want babies, are caring blah blah blah. Men are strong, clever, natural rulers, funny, etc etc etc.

Gender Rules - FairPlayForWomen.com
Strict social rules about how people of each sex are allowed to behave: Gender.

These rules are called Gender

This is why I don’t like gender. This is why I rally against identity politics – it doesn’t mean I hate transgendered people. Trans doctrine says that gender isn’t a set of rules imposed by society from the moment we are born, but something innate within us.

When deciding if a child is transgender, many parents cite love of the “wrong” colour and enjoying toys typically associated with the other sex. Transwomen often point to identifying with “feminine” traits such as submissiveness and sensitivity.

And non-binary is just attention-seeking

Unless you are a Barbie doll-like plethora of hyper femininity or an emotionally constipated tower of excess masculinity, everyone is non-binary.

There’s a lot more that I can say. And I will.

This is feminism 101.

Gender stereotypes are not natural - FairPlayForWomen.com
What’s this about girl stuff and boy stuff, then?

Catherine Drury

When I was younger I was told women and girls could do anything, the world was our oyster. I want to make that happen.

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