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For Women is run entirely by unpaid volunteers and we receive no government funding to do the vital work we do. We rely completely on donations made by our supporters.

This summer, in response to the government’s public consultation, we ran a powerful and effective public awareness campaign to ensure that female voices and our legitimate concerns about changes to the GRA were heard. The campaign was made possible by the hard work and dedication of professionals giving their time and expertise, tens of thousands of volunteer hours and £30,000 crowd-funded from our public supporters (here and here).

With your help we delivered:

4 high-quality campaign films with over 100,000 views on YouTube and Facebook.

A full page advert in the Metro newspaper.

350,000 campaign leaflets designed and distributed to the public by hundreds of street campaigners.

A new brand identity and professional website with 60,000 first-time visitors during the campaign.

A PR campaign resulting in numerous print, radio and TV appearances.

A step-by-step guidance booklet to help people fill in the consultation.

1-click form resulting in approximately 20,000 submissions registering opposition to sex self-ID.

A meeting with MPs in the House of Commons to discuss our concerns.

Original research revealing the silenced voices in the women’s sector.

A social media campaign resulting in 1,000 email subscribers, 4,000 Facebook followers, 350 Instagram followers and 9,000 Twitter followers.

Our campaign work must continue

The GRA consultation is now closed and we are expecting the government to publish its analysis in spring 2019. However, there is still more we need to do.

We, together with others, have raised public awareness of the dangers of self-identification and the threat to existing female rights. Policies and laws that allow any man to be considered a woman, simply on his say-so, undermines the rights of females to male-free space for reasons of privacy, safety and fairness. This conflict of rights must be acknowledged and spoken of without fear of condemnation. It must be acknowledged so we can achieve a fair balance of rights across the whole of society. We must continue to push to have our female voices heard.

We will now turn our attention back to the many self-identification policies that are already in place.  Under UK equality law, it is lawful to exclude male-born people from spaces designated for the female sex only. However, under immense pressure from well-funded transgender lobby groups, many organisations are now switching to ‘self-identification policies’ where women-only space is now open to  anyone who ‘feels like a woman’ rather than someone who actually is a woman.

Self-ID undermines privacy, safety and fairness and has resulted in the type of policies that allow teenage males to sleep, wash and undress with girls on trips away without parents being told, adult males to sleep overnight in female-only dormitories, males to compete against women in sports and male rapists to live amongst female prisoners. These policy changes are happening without fair and transparent risk assessments that consider the impact on women and girls.

Our ongoing aim at Fair Play For Women is to raise public awareness of these policies, to engage with these organisations to ensure their policies are fair for all and to be a trusted point of contact and support for women who are concerned but cannot speak out alone. 

Please support us so we can continue our work.

Every penny donated is used to deliver our campaigns. We are all unpaid volunteers working from our own homes so, unlike the big campaign organisations like Stonewall who are pushing self-ID, we don’t use our donations to pay staff or building costs. Also, unlike Stonewall, we get no government funding so rely totally on public support.

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