Ian Huntley is a man: Twitter thinks this is hate speech and bans tweets stating legal and biological truth.


Fair Play for Women supports the rights of ordinary trans people to live their lives freely and safely and for people with gender dysphoria to get the treatment they need.  But we do not agree that we have to subvert our language or understanding of biology to achieve that.

When women are not allowed to speak the truth because it might hurt the feelings of a child murderer that’s too much.

Twitter has decided we all now have to call Ian Huntley a woman and refer to him as she and use his preferred name of Lian or Nicola.

But when I say Ian Huntley is MALE I am not misgendering him. I am correctly sexing him. It was a man who killed Holly and Jessica.

Ian is now considered to be his ‘deadname’ so Twitter has decided we are not allowed to use it.

He murdered the two girls as Ian Huntley. He was convicted as Ian Huntley.


There are only two ‘deadnames’ in this story: Jessica and Holly. 






























What Twitter are doing is a grotesque insult to women and the parents of his victims.

It is also an insult to BRITISH LAW which Twitter are riding roughshod over.


Under UK law, the word “man” means “a male of any age. The word woman means “a female of any age”.


By censoring women’s tweets we now have an American company deciding what British people can say.

This is a form of social engineering. Twitter must not be allowed to change the meaning of our words and language.

Twitter is an immensely powerful foreign company used by 13 million British users, that’s 20% of our population, trying to influence a change in British language usage at a time when these issues are hugely controversial and there is a drive for a change in the law that would allow any man to self-declare himself to be a woman. It raises serious questions of democracy: does Twitter have a duty to be legal, decent, honest and truthful – as any advertiser does in the UK? Or is Twitter trying to exert undue influence on the issue by its use of selective censorship its platform on behalf of the lobbyists who want to change our laws?


Twitter clearly thinks that the privacy of one of Britain’s most heinous child-rapists and murderers is more important than our rights as women to speak the truth.


It is an awful lot more hateful to rape and murder two little girls in cold blood than it is to use the grammatically correct pronouns for the murderer, but in Twitter’s upside-down world of moral relativism, they think that it’s the women who are insisting on reality, truth and facts who are the ones committing the crime.

Just last week Twitter was banning women for stating ‘all rapists are men’. Another biological and legal truth. Rape is defined as penetration with a penis. Only men have a penis. 85,000 women in the UK are raped by men using their penis every year.

Why should women pander to this demand from male abusers, murderers and rapists that we call them “she”.

People like this are on a power-trip, an ego-trip: they like to force others to submit to their wishes. That’s what they do. I don’t think it’s healthy for any society to blindly submit to the demands of criminals.

There was recently a young male called Tara Wood who has just been convicted of battery and assault of a 60-year-old woman, and this thug demanded that the court AND HIS VICTIM refer to him as “she”. The judge ordered the victim to call her male attacker SHE.

We have to draw a line somewhere. We have to be able to say enough is enough now. Stop.

This is about reality, this is about women’s safety and women’s right to name things as they are.

We have to be able to name the problem.

The problem is that women and girls are, and always have been, and always will be, at risk from male violence.


Biology is not bigotry. Facts are not transphobic.

We do NOT have to give in to the wilder demands of the transgender militants and their enablers

We have a very small but powerful group of militant transactivists driving this – they are exploiting the compassion of the British public. But we do not have to give in to the wild demands of extremists. It’s like a religion to them that everyone must believe in.













Twitter are now doing their dirty work for them, MPs are running scared of them. But the British public must not be. We must say no to the nonsense.

It’s time that MPs stopped making their policies on the basis of a vocal and unrepresentative minority of militant transactivists on Twitter and started listening to the majority of the British public, who want transgender people to be able to live in peace and get access to the services they need, but do not accept that they have the right to subvert our language, grammar, or understanding of biology.

Many transsexual people oppose self-declaration of sex and want to defend women-only spaces.

In July the public will have a chance to give their views in a consultation. We must all give our views.

If not laws will be changed under our noses and it will be too late.


This is happening – it will affect everyone – we must say no.


Listen here to Fair Play for Women discussing this issue with Julia Hartley Brewer on Talk Radio.

2 thoughts on “Ian Huntley is a man: Twitter thinks this is hate speech and bans tweets stating legal and biological truth.

  • 2018.06.13 at 04:25

    His crimes were committed as a man, and as a man he must serve his time. It would seem that the most mentally ill sociopaths and violent males are “transgender” once incarcerated- the UK better be sure to write into the law that you will be incarcerated as the sex you are when you commit your crime, it’s a huge injustice to the survivors and families of such male criminals to have them abuse the right of females, to safety from sexual and violent predators, while incarcerated.

  • 2018.07.02 at 00:49

    Zinnia’s tweet still up at https://twitter.com/ZJemptv/status/594149389880336385 when last I looked. Proof it’s genuine, just in case anyone is tempted to claim the screencap is a photoshop job.

    xyr2000 deleted their account, can’t think why. But I saw those tweets when they were still up and can confirm that those caps are genuine.


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