Study suggests that transwomen exhibit a male-pattern of criminality.

A long-term follow up study of transsexual people was conducted in Sweden in 2011. Study HERE.


FTT – Female to Trans = Trans-identified female or transman.

MTT – Male to Trans = Trans-identified male or transwoman.


The study looked at the number of crimes committed by the transsexual cohort under investigation.

This is a population-based study using records from a variety of registers in Sweden in 2011. They found 324 transgender people that had undertaken sex reassignment surgey between 1973 and 2003.

A total of  60 crimes were identified, 14 of those classified as violent crimes. With 8 violent crimes committed by transwomen and 6 by transmen.


They present their data in terms of ‘adjusted hazard risk’ abbreviated to aHR

  • A hazard risk is how many times more likely is something in one group compared to another.
  • A hazard risk of 1 means no more or less likely
  • A hazard risk of 5 means something is 5 times more likely than in the control group.
  • A hazard risk of less than 1 means something is LESS likely than in a control group.

They used age-matched and sex-matched people from the general population to use as a comparison

‘Adjusted’ means they adjusted the data to compensate for that fact that more transgender people have mental health issues unrelated to gender dysphoria (20% compared to 4% in general population). This rules out that mental health differences in the groups might be skewing the data.



When looking at ANY CRIMES committed by all trans people there is a slightly higher risk of crime (1.3, this means 30% more) or violent crime (50%) compared to the general population.

For ANY CRIME, this seems to be mainly made up of the offending of the earlier group (people who had SRS between 1972 and 1988). We see no difference in crime rates for trans people who had SRS between 1989 and 2003.

NB:   there was not enough data to analyse the different subgroups for VIOLENT CRIME.


Results for transwomen:

Transwomen are 6 times more likely to commit a crime and 18 times more likely to commit a violent crime compared to female controls.

But commit any crime including violent crime that a similar rate any other males in the general population.


Results for transmen:

Transmen are 4 times more likely to commit a crime and 7 times more likely to commit a violent crime compared to female controls.

But commit any crime including violent crime at a similar or slightly lower rate compared to male controls.




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