Canadian Lauren Southern becomes a man!

Pretty blonde Lauren Southern, a sharp Canadian blogger, decided to see how easy it is to change gender in Ontario. Answer: ridiculously easy! She visited a doctor for a gender identity certificate. Then went to the Ontario government office – in makeup and heels – for her masculine ID. She’s now legally a man.


Choice quotes:

Doctor: I mean, it’s not like I can prove anything, right?

Government clerk: I’m glad you told me. One moment, sir.

While this is utterly hilarious on one level, it’s also very worrying. As Southern says:

We’ve decided that we prefer feelings over honesty.

Are we going to embrace reality or fiction?

In Canada misgendering will be a serious crime, meaning that calling Lauren Southern a woman or referring to her as “she” carries a prison sentence. It’ll be illegal to deny her access to any male-only spaces, but probably fine to exclude her from women’s facilities.

Nobody will be able to say “But you look like a girl!” because the law will say it’s a serious crime to state what you actually see in front of you.