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Female rights are under attack but the public is still in the dark.

We urgently need to rally mainstream public opposition to these disastrous proposed law changes. Even though women and girls stand to lose all our same-sex rights and protections, female voices have been excluded from the debate. The media has so far failed to challenge the self-ID narrative; universities and political parties have silenced, attacked or suspended those who dissent; and, with breathtaking negligence, the Women and Equalities parliamentary committee who initiated these changes with an Inquiry in 2015 heard oral evidence from all major transgender groups but not a single women’s representative.

Fair Play For Women is determined to reverse this.

What gives us hope is that an army of potential new campaigners is waiting in the wings. In the past six months, a groundswell of opposition to the proposed law has grown under the radar. Thanks to nationwide meetings hosted by A Woman’s Place and We Need to Talk, there’s a massive surge of enthusiasm to protect women’s and girls’ rights. As we’ve seen with ManFriday, Mumsnet, Transgender prisoners and the Girlguiding debate hitting the mainstream news, more women are putting their heads above the parapet. Every week, people contact Fair Play asking how they can help.



We want to harness this huge potential by giving you, grassroots activists and ordinary women, the encouragement and practical tools to take the message to the street.

The need is clear: amid the fog of misinformation, we need our army of gender critical campaigners to take sound arguments, facts and evidence out into the world. Every time a woman finds her voice she inspires many others.

The time is now.

Fair Play For Women will help you to spread the word.

With films

Over the next two months we will be releasing a series of high production quality short films to empower people with the facts, arguments and motivation to make their voices heard. Subscribe now to be the first to see previews and new releases.

With consultation guidance

The most important thing you can do to defend female rights is to fill in the consultation and get others to do the same. We must send a loud and clear message to the Government that the public does not support the proposed changes.  To help we have got have something for everyone; an  easy introductory guide for beginners new to this topic and more detailed information on key topics for those who want to know more.

Our printed step-by-step guide is available to order here. Order one for yourself, then pass onto a friend once you are done. Every single consultation submission will count.


With campaign materials

Local campaign groups are now mobilising across the UK and will soon be out on the streets, engaging the public, handing out leaflets, posting leaflets through letter boxes and more.

YOU can help too by ordering a small Fair Play For Women campaign pack and handing out to friends and family. Order here.

Order campaign resources