Let Us Eat Cake!

Let Us Eat Cake

Urgent! Defend female rights – and eat cake while you do it!

The Government is threatening a legal change that will rob women and girls of their rights. And no MPs are stopping them.

They understand little about women’s concerns and seem to care even less. Their attitude to women is rather like Marie Antoinette’s to the poor: “Let them eat cake”.

Well, alright then, political overlords and overladies, we will eat cake. And we will drink tea. Or beer or wine or whatever we please. And while we’re doing so we will express exactly what we think about your views on women.

We will meet and share what we know. We will arm ourselves with facts and opinions and then we shall go forth and tackle your on-line public consultation on the Gender Recognition Act!

So, valiant women, gather together in kitchens and living rooms, pubs and gardens, cafes and parks up and down the land, to eat cake and defend female rights!


Get organising, get baking and invite your friends. Consultation ends 11pm on 19th October.

Fair Play for Women have produced a handy booklet explaining everything you need to know about filling out the consultation plus information on how to host your own party — all in tasty bite-size chunks that are easy to digest, naturally.


Let Us Eat Cake Instructions


What’s happening?

The Government is considering a revolutionary change to British law called ‘sex self-ID’. This change to the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) would allow anyone to change their legal sex.

This means any man, for any reason, would be able to change his birth certificate to female and get the legal rights of a woman. 

Just like that. On demand. With no change to his body, no medical supervision and no checking of motives.

But female rights — like the right to single-sex spaces — exist to ensure privacy, dignity, fairness and safety for women and girls.

They’re our rights. We need them. It is not up to the Westminster elite to give them away.



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