Born In Your Own Body – Transgender Children And Young People

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Transgender Children and Young People

Born in Your Own Body

Transgender Children and Young People – Born in Your Own Body is a collection of essays about the current theory and practice of transgendering children. Eleven authors argue against the grain of the popularised medical definition of ‘the transgender child’ as a young person whose ‘true’ gender lies in the brain, or pre-social ‘identity’. They contest this diagnosis from a range of perspectives as social theorists, psychotherapists, persons living as transgender, individuals who have de-transitioned, and parents of adolescents identifying as transgender.

They argue that medicine, social policy and the law build ideas about ‘the transgender child’, and contend that it is politics, not science, which accounts for the exponential rise in the number of children diagnosed as transgender by gender identity clinics. They conclude that today’s medical and social trend for transgendering children is not liberal and progressive, but politically reactionary, physically and psychologically dangerous and abusive.


Transgender Children and Young People – Born in Your Own Body

Release date: 1st January 2018

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The authors

Josephine Bartosch

Jo Bartosch founded the group Chelt Fems, a network of feminist activists, academics and professionals. She then became co-director of Critical Sisters which offers a platform for marginal feminist opinion with particular emphasis on unravelling the twin man-made beliefs of gender and religion. She has authored several reports exploring the links between violence against women and commercial sexual entertainment. She is a frequently commissioned journalist who published the powerful article What about the children who said they were transgender – and then changed their minds? Independent (2017) You can follow @CriticalSisters and @Chelt_Fems on Twitter.

Heather Brunskell-Evans

Heather is a social theorist and philosopher, Senior Research Fellow at King’s College, London, UK. She has a longstanding interest in the work of Michel Foucault and in feminist philosophy and politics of the body. She is a Trustee of FiLia and Director of its Stop Violence against Women and Girls section. Heather has published extensively including most recently: The Sexualized Body and the Medical Authority of Pornography, Cambridge Scholars (2016). You can follow her on Twitter @brunskellevans and read more of her writing at

Carey Maria Catt Callahan

Carey Maria Catt Callahan is a detransitioned woman, family therapy trainee, and writer living in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Through her videos, writing, and public speaking she advocates for awareness and greater clinical support for detransitioned people. She wants people to do well. You can follow her on Twitter @catt_bear and engage with her writing and videos

Stephanie Davies-Arai

Stephanie Davies-Arai is a communication skills trainer who has worked with parents and teachers for over 18 years. She was one of the founders of a successful Small School in Lewes UK and is author of the blog and the book Communicating with Kids. She was a prominent member of the successful ‘No More Page 3’ campaign and is an experienced speaker on parenting, feminism and ‘transgender’ kids. She founded and runs the website Transgender Trend, an information and research based resource for parents and everyone concerned about the current trend to ‘transition’ children you can follow on Twitter @Transgendertrd. Follow Stephanie on Twitter @cwknews and


I’m a middle of the road middle aged dad trying to keep his daughter safe. Lefty liberal newspaper reader, organic eggs and chicken, equal shares sort of dad. I earn my living making machines doing stuff for people, fixing their machines when they don’t work. My daughter is being damaged by transgender dogma. I hate what it’s doing to her, but I love her. As I cannot critique transgender dogma without harming her I write anonymously. I write a blog which gained far more attention than I ever imagined possible. It grew in to which has details of a support board for parents of gender dysphoric children and young adults I helped set up with I readily admit to shamelessly stealing ideas from Gender Critical Radical Feminism. You can follow me on Twitter @dad_gc.

Jen Izaakson

Jen Izaakson is a PhD student in the UK at Kingston University’s Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy (CRMEP), researching gender and Freud. Specifically this research focuses on the way in which a Freudian critique of Queer theory can locate the theoretical limits of Queer analysis and how Freud’s theory of primary femininity and universal bisexuality can actually tell us more about what is termed ‘queer affect’. She recently published her views on sexual assault The PWR BTTM debacle demonstrates why queer politics don’t protect women, Feminist Current (2017). You can find Jen on Twitter at @isacsohn.

Lisa Marchiano

Lisa Marchiano is a licensed clinical social worker and certified Jungian analyst in private practice in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. She received her MSW from New York University and completed analytic training at the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts. Lisa is on the faculty of the Philadelphia Jung Institute. Her writings have appeared in the journal Psychological Perspectives and on the blog 4thwavenow. In addition to her analytic practice, Lisa consults with parents whose teens have self-diagnosed as transgender. She blogs at Follow Lisa on Twitter @LisaMarchiano.

Susan Matthews

Susan Matthews is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the University of Roehampton, UK. She has published widely on histories of gender and sexuality: her 2011 monograph ‘Blake, Sexuality and Bourgeois Politeness‘ explores the shifting language of gender and sexuality at the turn of the nineteenth century and shows the ways in which poetic language can challenge gendered concepts. Her current research interests include twentieth century narratives of sex change. Her longer-term project focusses on languages of gender and feeling in an early nineteenth century colonial family. You can follow Susan on Twitter @SusanMatthews.

Michele Moore

Michele Moore is a Professor of Inclusive Education and Editor in Chief of the world-leading journal Disability & Society. She has worked for more than 30 years in the UK and internationally building research expertise to develop inclusive education and communities. Nowadays her work is focused on consultative participatory human rights and inclusion projects across the world to support children and their families. She has published widely on education, childhood and family life, disability and inclusion. You can follow her on twitter @MicheleMooreEd.

Miranda Yardley

Miranda Yardley is a transsexual who has contributed work on freedom of speech and transgender politics to Feminist Current, The New Statesman and The Morning Star, as well as having spoken at many political and feminist events. Miranda’s work advocates a materialist, pro-female approach to sex and gender politics that emphasizes compassion, honesty and self-awareness of the consequences of one’s own choices and actions. Miranda is by trade an accountant and has published music magazines for the last fifteen years. You can follow Miranda on Twitter @TerrorizerMir.

Robert Withers

Robert Withers is a member of the Society of Analytical Psychology, of the BPC and UKCP. He is co-founder of The Rock Clinic in Brighton, UK, where he works as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and clinical supervisor. He has taught on a number of psychotherapy, counselling and university postgraduate trainings including for the Society of Analytical Psychology and the Inter-university College Graz. His 2015 paper The Seventh Penis, which described some of the difficulties of working psychotherapeutically with people who identify as transgender, recently won the Michael Fordham prize. He also compiled, edited and contributed to the book Withers, R. (Ed.) (2003) Controversies in Analytical Psychology, Routledge Hove and New York. You can follow Bob on Twitter @BobWithers52.


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