Our Aims

Fair Play For Women is a grassroots campaign group made up of ordinary women from all walks of life who have come together to fight for womens and girls sex-based rights.  We are a non-partisan collective of women, with no formal links to any particular political networks. 

We are concerned that in the rush to reform transgender laws and policies women’s voices will not be heard or listened to. Run entirely by a team of volunteers with skills in many different disciplines, without any corporate sponsorship or formal funding, we have worked hard over the past year to bring this issue to public attention.

Women get called transphobic for simply asking questions. Women are afraid to speak out and fear for their jobs and reputation if they do. We provide the safe platform necessary for women and men to voice their concerns, share their real-life stories and expert knowledge.

Our aim is to facilitate the much needed factual discussion about the need for sex-based policies for women and to provide policy makers with the guidance they need for evidence-based policy making that is fair for all. We have earned a reputation, both amongst the general public, policy makers, politicians and the media, for calm, rational, fact-checked, accurate information, statistics, and good-faith debate.