About FPFW

About Fair Play For Women & Girls: We’re an informal collective (mostly British) with urgent concerns about women’s rights & freedoms. Our independence is more threatened than it has been for a century. If you’re a woman, this affects you and your children now.

FPFW seeks to inform, entertain,  support and motivate you in affirming your rights.

Authors’ opinions are their own and not necessarily shared by other members.

‘Female’ is a biological sex

Fair Play For Women is a website about being a human of the female sex, not gender. Gender doesn’t mean sex. Sex can’t be changed.

Like all other mammals, humans are a sexually reproducing dimorphic species: half of us are born with the potential to inseminate the other half, who are born with the potential to conceive & gestate.

The existence of genetic anomalies, often called intersex conditions, doesn’t disprove this fact. Nature randomises. Clover, for instance, is a three-leaved plant; four-leaf clovers are genetic anomalies. Humans are bipedal mammals, but humans are sometimes born without legs.

Some people are born with ambiguous sex organs. These anomalies prove only that nature randomises, but the transgender lobby tries to claim intersex people as proof that biological sex is changeable. This is both false and cruel.

We don’t believe either sex is better than the other: just different.

Gender’s a performance – and a weapon

In every country on Earth, male people are valued more highly than females. As feminists we call this value system patriarchy. Patriarchy uses gender to control men and keep women down. It’s a harmful social construct, which says girls can’t do such-and-such but must behave in certain ways, and boys must do this or that but not behave in certain ways. From the moment of birth or before, we use reward and punishment to train boys in performing masculinity and girls to perform femininity.

The Famous Five, by Enid Blyton. Georgina was a girl but wanted to be a boy.
“It’s STUPID being a girl! Always having to be careful, when boys can do as they like!”

In some countries, gender performance is enforced by brutal punishment. In some places like India, gender can sentence females to death. Several countries execute men for homosexual behaviour.

In ours, Man Who Has It All wouldn’t be half as funny if we didn’t value women & men differently – and those values are sex-role stereotypes: ‘gender’.

But it’s all rubbish! Sex differences are real but gender differences are made up.

We can break the gender trap

A man may have a ‘feminine’ personality, and a woman a ‘masculine’ one. We can do all kinds of jobs, hobbies & arts. People can be homosexual, bisexual or othersexual. The more people push gender boundaries, the more they free us up to be who we are. Fair Play For Women supports everyone’s right to wear what they wish and to express themselves individually.

Fair Play For Women
Mix them up, why not?

Because we recognise the two sexes, we see no reason why adopting the ‘opposite gender’ should mean the individual has changed sex. It’s physically impossible to change sex – but anyone can do what they like with gender!

Women fought very hard to break down the rules about femininity, men are welcome to join the fight against gender. We enthusiastically encourage men to help us undermine patriarchy’s rules, including those who challenge masculinity. We know that ‘male’ doesn’t have to mean ‘masculine’.

Protections for the female sex, not gender

Fair Play For Women recognises & appreciates the differences between the sexes. In some environments, these differences can expose women and girls to dangerous situations. As long as patriarchy keeps women at a disadvantage and promotes male violence, we will support sex-based protections and help for females. This means males should sometimes be separated from females, regardless of gender identity or expression.

Read one man’s description of how life trained him to view women & girls as sexual prey:

Daily Mail sidebar of shame, making sure women know they're in the wrong body.
Women ‘flaunt’ and ‘flash’ in Britain’s most popular newspaper; it’s what we do apparently. Hardly surprising that girls & women perpetually feel like we’re in the wrong body!

We always have the sex we were born with. It’s neither a good thing nor bad; it’s just nature.  But the fight for equal respect as women is far from over.

FPFW shares thoughts & experiences on being female in this gendered world. Do join us 🙂