Welcome to Fair Play For Women

Fair Play for Women is an apolitical group of ordinary people from all walks of life who have come together to fight for womens and girls rights. Run entirely by a team of volunteers with skills in many different disciplines, we have worked hard over the past year to bring this issue to public attention. 

We are concerned that in the rush to reform transgender laws that women’s voices will not be listened to.  Women get called transphobic for simply asking questions. Women are afraid to speak out and fear for their jobs and reputation if they do. 

We are the voice of these women. 

In a debate that is often clouded by emotion we ask for rational, evidence-led debate before any legal changes are made that affect our existing legal sex based rights. We are a reliable and authoritative information source on all the key topics in the debate.


Fair Play for Women is appealing for help to create a fighting-fund so that we can launch a major information campaign to stop self-identification of sex (‘sex self-ID’) becoming law before it’s too late.

We have an exciting programme of films, legal explainers, information packs and workshops planned, with the generous help of a fantastic team of filmmakers, graphic designers, publicists and lawyers. We now need funds to produce top-quality materials and get the campaign up and running.

The proponents of sex self-ID have huge budgets and major institutional supporters on their side; we have a brilliant team of volunteers and a phenomenal reserve of goodwill on ours. We now need your help in raising up to £20,000 to pay for these materials. The public must know the whole story. Everyone must know what is at stake. Women in particular deserve to be informed about the implications of sex self-ID.  Our campaign will make that happen.

Thank you for joining the struggle to protect female sex-based rights. Help us get the message out there, for the sake of our daughters, our mothers, our sisters, our partners and ourselves!




Press release: Government confirms women have “legitimate concerns” about transgender reforms

Fair Play for Women welcomes Penny Mordaunt’s confirmation that women’s groups have “legitimate concerns” about legal reforms around gender, and the opening of the consultation today. FPFW, a campaign group for women’s rights, now calls on the Government to make good on those words by engaging fully with women’s groups,

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Sign up here to add your name to this open letter from female survivors of male violence to women’s organisations

Fair Play For Women would like to ask our supporters to read and share the open letter written by  Fovas*; a group of female survivors of male violence. Click here to read the letter: Open letter from female survivors of male violence to women’s organisations (*Fovas stands for Female-Only, Violence

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Press release: Gender Reforms “biggest threat to women’s rights in a generation”

Proposed changes in gender laws due tomorrow could pose the biggest threat to women’s legal rights in a generation, campaigners have warned. A government consultation due on Tuesday could open the way to men being legally recognised as female based solely on their own words, without any medical or legal

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Open letter to the BBC: Please uphold your duty for fairness and ensure women’s voices are heard

Dear Tony Hall, We are writing to ask you, as Director-General of the BBC, for reassurance that the BBC will uphold its responsibilities to provide balanced, fair coverage with regard to political and public debate about women’s rights in relation to transgender issues. At the Westminster Social Policy Forum in

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Ian Huntley is a man: Twitter thinks this is hate speech and bans tweets stating legal and biological truth.

  Fair Play for Women supports the rights of ordinary trans people to live their lives freely and safely and for people with gender dysphoria to get the treatment they need.  But we do not agree that we have to subvert our language or understanding of biology to achieve that. When women are

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Government says GRA reforms will not be at the expense of women’s rights: A self-declaration system must now be ruled out.

The government has confirmed that it will not make any changes to the Equality Act as part of its GRA reforms. This includes no change to the single-sex exemptions which give natal women their legal right to spaces and services exclusive to them.  It will continue to be lawful to

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Girlguiding: We need you to believe in facts not fairytales

  “Girlguiding is not just sleepwalking into the next sex abuse scandal. They are wilfully turning the other way and hoping for the best.”   Julie Bentley the CEO of Girlguiding made this statement on 12th March 2018 in response to media reports that parents and leaders are concerned about

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#Sisters To All Guides : Read this passionate response to our campaign by this ex-Rainbows leader.

  For more than a year, Girlguiding HQ have repeatedly ignored safeguarding concerns, leaving worried Leaders with no other option than to launch a public campaign to alert parents. Rebel leaders have now teamed up with FairPlay for Women and together we have created the ‘Sisters To All Guides’ campaign

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Guide Leaders call for halt to muddled transgender policy pending consultation with members

1.0 A Sister to All Guides On Sunday 24th March a Leader with a Rainbows unit in London bravely spoke up about her concerns regarding Girlguiding’s transgender policy.  Helen Watts allowed herself to be named, quoted and photographed for an article in the Sunday Times. Parents may be wondering why

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